Video: UTTERLY FANTASTIC: Georgia Guidestones Heavily Damaged By Explosion – My Comments

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[This is an excellent thing. Those disgusting Globalist, weirdo guidestones with their hideous message have been out there for decades. It is a WONDERFUL AMAZING SIGN, that someone, somewhere in America regards that as garbage. It is a SIGN that there is someone who has had enough of this shit. They blew it away with the contempt it deserves. Whoever did that, sent a POWERFUL SIGNAL to the GLOBALISTS … that this shit has no place in America. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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Pic: AWESOME MEME: 1934 Machine Guns When White Society was responsible Gun Laws
Whites have never been babies. We do many dangerous things without even thinking about it. In 1934, even a child could order a machinegun by mail order. There were zero school shootings back then.

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