Video: US: Budweiser Transgender BACKLASH: White Man creates his own WOKE FREE BEER!

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The Boer State Party
From Jan: This is the ONLY political party in South Africa that I will support. I have met their leader and know their history. *ALL* other Political Parties in SA are a total waste of time for Whites. This political party cares about Whites. They say: We fight for our People‘s Freedom and Safe continued existence in the new South Africa!

[This is excellent. And it is WHITES who are the people who will ultimately rebel against everything. I am so pleased to see the anger in America over Budweiser’s transgender crap. It shows you that people are sick to death of having Jewish garbage propaganda rammed down their throats. It’s yet another FAILURE for JEWRY. It seems to me people are reacting FASTER these days than ever before. Whites are starting to lose their shit!!! IT’s fantastic. White Revolution is the ONLY GAME IN TOWN!!!! EVERYWHERE! 1488. Jan[

Here’s the video:

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