Video: Totally useless modern war: HOURS OF WARNING!!! – Iran launches mass drone and missile attack on Israel – My Comments


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[From a military point of view, this is just so ridiculous. Here is news that Iran has launched a mass drone and missile attack, but as I said yesterday, the distance is 1,700 Km, and you'll see in the video they tell you it will be HOURS before this reaches stupid Jewish Israel. This is the ridiculous, useless side of modern war. This is so lame as to not be true. This is NOT how you actually fight a war. The best thing Iran did was they seized a ship. I like all these attacks on ships. That is very good for harming globalism. I LOVE that. But all these "wars" in the Middle East are mostly a lot of shrieking about very little. I am amazed that the White House even wastes time on this crap – but that is because Jews fund these worthless politicians. Good luck to the Iranians, but I will tell you, that in military terms these things don't mean much. However, in this Jewish-News-Media world, everyone acts as if the entire world is going to blow up. SPECIAL NOTE the drones have already been spotted and monitored. That is NOT what you want in a war. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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