Video: Russia brands tank move direct involvement by West – My Military Analysis


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[I think that the West is getting bolder. They are quite convinced that the Russians don't have the firepower to back up their THREATS – even their nuclear threats. That's why they don't care about sending more tanks. I have heard various American and British military commentators saying that anything from 50 – 100 tanks could get to Ukraine this year. They know that the M1 Abrams, for example, would take about 8 months to become functional in Ukraine. So they clearly feel confident that Russia cannot crush Ukraine within a year. I think that Russia's threats of more force are having less and less meaning to America. What is interesting, and it's complex, is whether TANKS can defeat Russian HEAVY ARTILLERY. I have come across mention of this. We will have to see what happens when the tanks go in. Though their numbers won't be many at first and the German Leopard will be going in many months before the American Abrams tank. The Russians are right that this war is a direct engagement between NATO and them, but it seems to me America is comfortable that it does not matter what the Russians think. They're not strong enough to do anything about it. The Jew Zelensky is getting access to so much weaponry. I can't help wondering what else he is doing with these weapons or the technology related to them. I find that aspect creepy. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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