Video: Rockwell: The greatest NAZI genius AFTER WW2 – Killed by the Jews!


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I interview Pastor Francis J. Smith, a Christian Pastor who knew the late George Lincoln Rockwell. I did this interview a long time back, just before my 1st History Reviewed Channel was banned off Youtube.

I regard this as a very important interview because this 95 year old man told me about personal experiences and observations of the late George Lincoln Rockwell. I got in touch with him because he knew Rockwell. I wanted to know what Rockwell was like as a person and what he pulled off.

In this interview he tells many things that I think are very important. First and most important is his observation that no way in hell did Pattler kill Rockwell. Pattler was a young NAZI in the American NAZI Party who did excellent work on the StormTrooper magazine. Frank whom I interview knew Pattler personally. He explains why Pattler could not and would not have killed Rockwell. Pattler was officially charged with the killing of Rockwell and he did some jail time for it and then changed his name and disappeared into New York. But Frank totally contradicts the official line on Pattler.

He mentions Dr William Pierce and he had a total dislike for Pierce. I will give my views on this in the video itself.

He also discusses how small the ANP was and the incredible feats this tiny group of men pulled off. He also tells of how they worked with the Police and were loved by the Police and the amazing story of how they were never put in jail even when, officially they were supposed to be in jail!

Frank tells of the incredible bravery of Rockwell where he, man-alone, faced up to about 500 blacks and was talking to them boldly and was in their face and would not back down to them.

Frank also tells a few other things about Rockwell: How he liked to tell jokes & play chess and also how initially he even lived in the woods!

Frank also tells a strange story about a high ranking American man in the United Press who stayed in Germany during WW2. This American was put in jail in the USA. I don’t know who he is. But he clearly knew a LOT about what really went on in Germany and he defended the Germans.

Rockwell himself, in an audio I’ve heard, discusses how his little organisation outperformed much larger groups. Rockwell and his tiny group outperformed everyone else.

How did this amazing man do it?

In this video I also discuss why I think Rockwell is a genius and why he should be the model for all white nationalists and national socialists in the world today as the first NAZI to arise AFTER WW2 and to operate in a highly Christianied, English speaking society where the whites were too idle to take the threat of the Jews and communism and Jewish hatred for white people seriously.

Frank explains also why he believed Rockwell had a future in politics taking the American NAZI party and making it a viable political force across the USA.

I explain why I think Rockwell was an extreme threat to the Jews and why they had to kill him.

I think some of the information herein is worth pursuing because it may help us to uncover even more important things which can help all us whites more forward globally to take on the Jews and drive them back.

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