Video: Remember Ross Perot? – He warned of insane (((CORRUPTION))) by US Officials


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[I was a big fan of Ross Perot, long before Trump came along. He would have changed America. Here he explains how corrupt people are who go into the US Government. Rest assured Jews play a big role in this corruption. The video is further down. Jan]

Billionaire Ross Perot Ran For President As An Independent, He Told The Shocking Truth About American Political Corruption

Listen To Every Word, We’ve Been Sold Out For Decades

“Between 1980-1985, 76 former Federal officials left office to become registered foreign agents”

“Listen very carefully to this because this is coming to Washington to cash in and then go get a several hundred thousand a year job as a foreign lobbyist and use your influence in the White House and Congress to ship not only jobs overseas, whole industries overseas.

Here we go, between 1980-1985, 76 former Federal officials left office to become registered foreign agents. Now this will break your heart. This is like a general switching armies in the middle of a war. They should come to serve and go home not cash in”

“Foreign lobbyists on leaves of absence working on presidential campaign”

“The sickest thing of all, we had a key guy on the Trade Commission leave and go to the other side in the middle of negotiation. He knew the plans, the strategy, the details. As far as I’m concerned, that’s economic treason.”

Here’s the video:

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