Video: Professors: Whites Should Commit Suicide to ‘Castrate Whiteness’ – Jews at work

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[America seems to be filled with communist professors, anti-White garbage … and of course Jews. And if these people aren't outright Jews, then they are shills for Jews or under Jewish influence. Jan]

You can watch the short video at the bottom here:

About once a week, we come across a video (watch the video below) that makes us wonder if we’ll ever see a more bizarre video. Then, the next week, we find a video even more bizarre.

Today, we stumbled across a video (watch the video below) of a professor discussing racism that was captured before those who first posted it took it offline.

And, it’s no wonder they took it offline given that the video is of a professor defending another professor’s argument that “white people should commit suicide as an ethical act” as an “opportunity” to “castrate whiteness.”

Let us repeat that in case you thought you read it wrong. Two professors are defending the proposition that because being white is in and of itself racist, “white people should commit suicide as an ethical act” as an “opportunity” to “castrate whiteness.”

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