Video: Jared Taylor on the George Floyd Insanity – My Comments

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Video: European Colonialism: How many Blacks did Whites kill? The MASSIVE Black Population Explosion
In this video I focus on the claim that whites just slaughtered and killed millions of blacks in Africa and I compare it with the actual population statistics of Africa.

[Jared Taylor does good work regarding the Blacks, but being married to a Jewish woman he never touches the topic of the Jews. However, at least he helps Americans to move forward. But all Whites need to become more hard core on these topics. I am happy to see quite an awakening regarding the Blacks. But rest assured, Black violence and madness … Jews are behind it. Jan]

You can watch the video here:

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Video & Audio: South African Jews worked secretly to destroy White rule
We take a look at the testimony of the Scottish Member of Parliament, George Galloway, who was an enemy of the Whites of South Africa and Apartheid. He travelled secretly to South Africa during Apartheid.

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