Video: IMPORTANT: Jewish Owned Argentina: Buenos Aires rocked by violent clashes over Argentina’s President Milei reforms – My Comments


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Video: The US Government Revoked my VISA and stopped me getting on the plane to the USA
On 30th April, 2024, I was due to get on a plane to the USA. This is a short video about my bizarre experience that day.

[The new President loves Jews and basically sold the country out to tunnel Jews. Look at how angry these people are. Here's my guess: That these new laws will favour the WEALTHY and that is why these Whites are losing it. The common people will be driven down into poverty. We need to keep watching Argentina, and also Mexico. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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Video: WTA02: NATOs Secret Wars: How Portugal fought Blacks in Africa with NATO and US help
This video also contains the fabulous story of how and why West Germany was quickly admitted into NATO after WW2. In here you will see how different European nations are, compared to America and weak Britain.

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