Video: How JAPAN is WINNING the 6th gen. FIGHTER race…


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Former German SWA: Namibia: Black Judge has sex with 9 and 10 year olds
A senior Namibian judge was arrested on Monday on a charge of raping a 10-year-old girl..

[I like the Japanese. They are allies of nationalistic Whites. They were friends of South Africa under Apartheid. America does not want the Germans or Japanese to arise again. I'm delighted to see the Europeans very busy in this race too. Jan]

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2010: S.Africa: Julius Malema incited Blacks to rape, torture & murder Afrikaans farm owners
An Afrikaans farmer and his family fled South Africa after deciding to lay charges against Julius Malema. In his affidavit he said that 2380 Afrikaners had been murdered in the last 16 years and some had been tortured.

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