Video: Hermann Goering’s Mysterious Death – Goering’s amazing IQ: 138

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In this video, it mentions that the Americans tested Goering’s IQ and it was a staggering 138 – making him a genius!!! So don’t ever listen to the British-Jewish crap that the NAZIs were idiots. Far, far, FAR from it!!! These were very clever men!

As for me, I have a serious respect for Goering’s bravery and character. I think one of his finest moments was at Nuremberg, speaking for the German people.

His support of Hitler at Nuremberg and the way he stood up for his system, fighting back, instead of grovelling like a dog, is one of his finest moments. I have serious respect for a man who does not grovel, even when he knows his enemy will kill him and that his only outcome, personally is DEATH. A brave man.

Even more amazing is that he wanted to die as an officer, by shooting and not by hanging, which is generally what we whites reserve for common people and common criminals.

Interestingly, Goering could speak good english, and yet, I have never seen any video footage of him speaking in English!!!!!! Sadly, I don’t know of any video where he speaks English. Sad.

I find it fascinating that Goering signed autographs with some of his prison guards. That confirms my view that Goering had the characteristics of an actual LEADER … a man who could command respect … even from an enemy. This is something unknown in this rotten time of the 2020s.

Here’s the story:

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