Video: FUNNY & BRILLIANT: Young Whites are WINNING BIG! – Time Magazine Admits the Election was stolen!


[I must tell you, the young Whites are kicking ass big time. They are kicking some serious bloody ass. They are finding stuff, looking at data and ripping it to pieces. One of my long time American friends, a lady whom I have known for 15+ years, was sending me stuff. And I must agree with her, the youth are smashing the system, beating Billion and Trillion dollar organisations using nothing but their inherent talent. I am also noticing in some of the videos that you're getting Whites who have "gone wonky". You may remember my video: Jew Shock, when Whites go Wonky. Well, once you Red pill and you are out of the mainstream and you look at this Jewish world around you, you will be amazed at how you see things differently. NOW WHITES ARE SUSPICIOUS! More and more people are suspicious and they TRUST NOTHING and QUESTION EVERYTHING! The end result is awesome! They can see all sorts of weird things … and then they are in our world! Now they see all that Jewish nonsense going on! It's awesome. But check this short video. This is damned awesome and it pleases me to see the energy and delight in this. THIS ELECTION FRAUD IS SOMETHING THAT NEEDS CHALLENGING AND IF ENOUGH AMERICANS CAN STAND TOGETHER THIS IS ENORMOUS! ENORMOUS! There is no such thing as right and wrong. When there are enough people on one side, then that side IS RIGHT. That is how the world works. The rich and powerful have always known this. This is such a fun video and this young White guy has every right to be HAPPY! Time Magazine basically admits that the super rich scum teamed up with BLM and Antifa and stole the election and even set Trump up to be blamed for the events of 6th January! Jan]

Watch this, its an incredible and fun video:

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