Video: East German Creativity during the Cold War: Hand made Escape Plane from East Germany


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[This plane was never actually flown. There were many Germans who fled from East Germany to West Germany. That's a story by itself. That is from the horrible time when Russia controlled half of Europe during the Cold War. Jan]

This is the real story about the plane:
This is a twin motorcycle engined homebuilt aircraft called DOWA 81, designed and built by Dr Wagner. It has never flown. It was built in secrecy at his home, but he was imprisoned by the StaSi before it could be used to flee East Germany in 1981. Dr Wagner and his family were imprisoned and he and his wife and three kids were later "bought" free by West Germany. The aircraft is deemed airworthy and would have flown. Dr Wagner successfully designed and flew several small aircraft in West (or reunited) Germany.

Here’s the video:

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