Video: AWESOME! Hitler’s Holiday Ships for Workers! – Happy White men & Women – NAZI success!!!


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John Kaminski sent me this footage and I thanked him.

I sent him this note:
A good German friend told me that these ships were so successful, that they were BANNED from British ports because the Jew infested Brits were not allowed to see the wonderful quality of life of the common German under Hitler. I am very interested in this strength through joy program and anything related to these ships and how it worked. It’s utterly fabulous. How amazing.

The people are so happy! This is the success of NAZISM and how it massively raised the standard of living of common Whites!!! German workers could travel the world on these cruise ships at hardly any cost!

And notice that unlike modern idiots and morons that we are, Hitler did not have to disinfect his hands when shaking the hands of so many people!!!!

Here’s the short news video:

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