Video & Audio: Will the real Hitler please stand up? – Hitler as a person

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After studying Hitler and the NAZIS closely, for about 11 years, I summarise what I have learned about Hitler. I look at Hitler as a person, and we look closely at what people who knew him well, and worked for him for several years, had to say about him. We look at all aspects of his life, especially his relationships with women.

I also look at an amazing story that you never hear about Hitler, that he saved the life of a friend’s mother who was drowning.

I also discuss the importance of clearing Hitler’s name in the same way that Napoleon’s name was cleared. Jews are forever dragging his name in the mud and inventing endless lies about him at every twist and turn.

There is going to be an audio book coming out shortly that is linked to this analysis. It is by a secretary who worked for Hitler for about 12 years.

This was recorded on: 2023-04-24.

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