Video & Audio: The Portuguese NIGHTMARE: Interracial Love & Super Race War


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Every single thing a Jew and Liberal tells you about race is a lie. Take EVERYTHING that you have been told about race and throw it away. The way things really work is completely different. Race is REAL and eventually it comes home to roost in a number of ways which are ugly.

Every major civilisation which whites have created has fallen to race mixing (miscegenation). This remains the biggest unsolved problem that whites face. Can we survive this in the future? Is there proof that we ever survived this in the past?

This is the first serious video wherein I discuss the Portuguese and their adventures in Africa. In here I also give some background about the Portuguese and the whites of southern Africa. 5.2 million whites in southern Africa had the best real estate on the planet and we controlled a massive land area larger than Europe and maybe bigger than half the USA. We could have brought in 200-300 million whites here, to create a new USA, but sadly, we lost most of it.

We look at whether the Portuguese suffered from genetic damage (fall in intelligence) as a result of race mixing with blacks which Jews among them encouraged tremendously in the 16th century.

The Portuguese, to their credit (and the credit of the Spanish), drove the Jews out of Portugal between 1440-1550.

I also discuss eugenics and whether whites as a race can be fixed or improved through a humane method of “breeding”. WE NEED LOTS OF WHITE CHILDREN – EVERYWHERE!

In this video I point out that the Portuguese had a fabulous leader, their “Hitler”, Salazaar. They had a “Portuguese Youth” modelled on the “Hitler Youth”. And these Portuguese put up a tremendous struggle … the most determined struggle of ANY European country in modern times, to keep their empire. They were well on their way to WINNING and smashing the blacks when they were destroyed by other, larger world forces.

In the next video I will discuss the black attempts to genocide the Portuguese people in Africa, along with the Portuguese counter-extermination of the blacks. The most vicious racial struggle to ever take place in Africa was between the Portuguese and the blacks.

If what Liberals and Jews had told you was true, then there never should or could have been a race war between the Portuguese and blacks. But as always, Jews and Liberals have been LYING TO YOU! Being nice to the blacks, and continuously giving in to them, will NOT change the eventual outcome. Eventually the clashes WILL COME!

Don’t miss the next video where we will look at the most brutal fighting that ever took place between blacks and whites in Africa. There you will see the courage of the Portuguese and how much they helped the rest of us whites. They were the only European nation to STAND FIRM and FIGHT BACK in Africa, and for that they deserve goodwill and credit from other whites. They did us PROUD!

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  • 31st December 2019 at 9:53 pm

    Hey Jan,
    Thanks for another great video and such good info. I remember Pierce mentioning the situation with Portugal, which in 1550, had 10% black population and how miscegenation destroyed the Faustian spirit in the Portuguese people. Happy that you have taken the time to revisit this for your audience.
    We are planning to take a holiday to Portugal in the fall and I had some reservations about it given their past, but am now looking forward to it after listening to you. You’re right, they didn’t realize that they were committing racial suicide when they race mixed, as did the Spanish and even the French who came to Canada in the beginning, who married Indian women, hence the Metis. We now have science to inform our understanding. I look forward to your next video on this subject and how the Portuguese resisted the loss of their colonies perhaps with more resolve that the other Europeans who were in Africa.

  • 30th December 2019 at 8:40 pm

    South Africa

    According to testimony before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in 1998, the
    United States encouraged South Africa’s apartheid regime to develop a CBW program
    that was aimed at the country’s black population.

    Dr. Wouter Basson, the South African
    general who headed the project from its inception in 1981, testified from notes he made
    of a meeting with US Maj. Gen. William Augerson:

    “He [Augerson] feels that chemical
    warfare is an ideal strategic weapon because infrastructure is preserved together with
    facilities, and only living people are killed.

    The warm climate of Africa is ideal for this
    type of weapon because the diffusion of the poison is better and the absorption is
    increased by perspiration and increased blood flow in the persons who are targets.

    South Africa’s CBW program did in fact work on a number of projects that echoed US
    programs: using black soldiers as guinea pigs for experimental drugs; developing a toxin
    to cause a heart attack, which would appear to be the “natural” cause of death;
    contaminating drinking water with disease pathogens; using a variety of poisonous gases
    to paralyze and kill opponents in South Africa and neighboring states.

    South Africa, 1960s-1980s

    The CIA collaborated closely with South African intelligence, one of the principal
    focuses being the African National Congress, the lead-ing anti-apartheid organization
    which had been banned and exiled.

    The Agency cooperated in suppressing internal
    dissent, provided specific warnings of planned attacks by the ANC and information about
    ANC members residing in neighboring countries; on at least one occasion, in
    Mozambique in 1981, this led to South Africa sending an assassination squad to wipe out
    the fingered individuals.

    The CIA was also responsible for the capture of ANC leader
    Nelson Mandela. Additionally, for a number of years in the 1970s and 1980s, the US
    supported South Africa in the UN, and the CIA violated the UN’s arms embargo against
    South Africa (of which the US was a declared supporter) by covertly providing the
    country with weapons and supporting its efforts to militarily determine the political
    makeup of Southern Africa.

    Angola, 1975-1980s

    The United States, China and South Africa supported one side of the civil war, while the
    Soviet Union and Cuba supported the other side.

    It dragged on bloodily, horribly and
    pointlessly for decades, and simmers yet, perhaps half a million lives lost, widespread
    hunger and what is said to be the highest amputee rate in the world, caused by the
    innumerable land mines.

    In the early years Henry Kissinger personally prevented what
    might well have been a peaceful solution, but the man was wholly obsessed with
    countering Soviet moves anywhere on the planet—

    significant or trivial, real or imagined,
    fait accompli or anticipated. In the 1990s, Washington tried to rein in its client, Jonas
    Savimbi, head of UNITA, to keep him from prolonging the war, but it would have been
    immensely better for the people of Angola if the US had not intervened at all in Angolan
    politics beginning in the early 1960s.

    The Russians would then have had no interest. Nor
    Henry Kissinger.

    CHAPTER 23 : How the CIA Sent Nelson Mandela to Prison for 28

    When Nelson Mandela was released from prison in February 1990, President George
    Bush personally telephoned the black South African leader to tell him that all Americans
    were “rejoicing at his release”.1

    This was the same Nelson Mandela who was imprisoned for almost 28 years because the
    CIA tipped off South African authorities as to where they could find him.

    And this was the same George Bush who was once the head of the CIA and who for eight
    years was second in power of an administration whose CIA and National Security
    Agency collaborated closely with the South African intelligence service, providing
    information about Mandela’s African National Congress.

    2 The ANC was a progressive
    nationalist movement whose influence had been felt in other African countries;
    accordingly it had been perceived by Washington as being part of the legendary
    International Communist Conspiracy.

    In addition to ideology, other ingredients in the
    cooking pot the United States and South Africa both ate from was that the latter served as
    an important source of uranium for the United States, and the US was South Africa’s
    biggest supporter at the United Nations.

    On August 5, 1962, Nelson Mandela had been on the run for 17 months when armed
    police at a roadblock outside Howick, Natal flagged down a car in which he was
    pretending to be the chauffeur of a white passenger in the back seat.

    How the police came
    to be there was not publicly explained. In late July 1986, however, stories appeared in
    three South African newspapers (picked up shortly thereafter by the London press and, in
    part, CBS-TV) which shed considerable light on the question.

    The stories told of how a
    CIA officer, Donald C. Rickard by name, under cover as a consular official in Durban,
    had tipped off the Special Branch that Mandela would be disguised as a chauffeur in a car
    headed for Durban.

    This was information Rickard had obtained through an informant in
    the ANC.

    One year later, at a farewell party for him in South Africa, at the home of the
    notorious CIA mercenary Colonel “Mad Mike” Hoare, Rickard himself, his tongue
    perhaps loosened by spirits, stated in the hearing of some of those present that he had
    been due to meet Mandela on the fateful night, but tipped off the police instead.

    refused to discuss the affair when approached by CBS-TV.3

    CBS-TV newsman Allen Pizzey did interview journalist James Tomlins on the air when
    the story broke in 1986. Tomlins, who was in South Africa in 1962, stated that Rickard
    had told him of his involvement in Mandela’s capture.

    On June 10, 1990, The Atlanta Journal and Constitution reported that an unidentified,
    retired US intelligence officer had revealed that within hours of Mandela’s arrest, Paul
    Eckel, then a senior CIA operative, had told him:

    “We have turned Mandela over to the
    South African security branch. We gave them every detail, what he would be wearing,

    the time of day, just where he would be. They have picked him up. It is one of our
    greatest coups.”

    After Mandela’s release, the White House was asked if Bush would apologize to the
    South African for the reported US involvement in his arrest at an upcoming meeting
    between the two men.

    In this situation, a categorical denial by the White House of any
    American involvement in the arrest would have been de rigueur. However, spokesman
    Marlin Fitzwater replied: “This happened during the Kennedy administration…don’t beat
    me up for what the Kennedy people did.”

    The CIA stated: “Our policy is not to comment on such allega-tions.” This is what the
    Agency says when it feels that it has nothing to gain by issuing a statement.

    On a number
    of other occasions, because it thought that it would serve their purpose, the CIA has
    indeed commented on all kinds of allegations.

    While Mandela’s youth and health ebbed slowly away behind prison walls, Donald
    Rickard retired to live in comfort and freedom in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. He resides
    there still today.

  • 30th December 2019 at 8:32 pm

    Portugal was winning those wars, this is the real reason Portugal lost – READ CAREFULLY and connect the dots with South Africa. We were winning the wars until the CIA/America got involved. From William Blums Book “Rogue state”

    Portugal, 1974-76 (Page 124 – Rogue state)

    A bloodless military coup in 1974 brought down the US-supported 48-year fascist regime
    that was the world’s only remaining colonial power. This was followed by a program
    centered on nationalization of major industries, workers’ control, a minimum wage, land
    reform and other progressive measures.

    Washington and multinational officials who were
    on the board of directors of the planet were concerned. Destabilization became the order
    of the day:

    covert actions; attacks in the US press; subverting trade unions; subsidizing
    opposition media; economic sabotage through international credit and commerce; heavy
    financing of selected candidates in elections;

    a US cut-off of Portugal from certain
    military and nuclear information commonly available to NATO members; NATO naval
    and air exercises off the Portuguese coast,

    with 19 NATO warships moored in Lisbon’s
    harbor, regarded by most Portuguese as an attempt to intimidate the provisional
    government.28 The Portuguese revolution was doomed. The CIA-financed candidates
    took and retained power for years.

    Portugal, 1974-5 (Page 145 – Rogue State)

    In the years following the coup in 1974 by military officers who talked like socialists, the
    CIA revved up its propaganda machine while tunneling many millions of dollars to
    support “moderate” candidates, in particular Mario Soares and his (so-called) Socialist

    At the same time, the Agency enlisted social-democratic parties of Western Europe
    to provide further funds and support to Soares. It worked. The Socialist Party became the
    dominant power.17


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