Video & Audio: A Russian Prediction of 911 a few weeks before it happened

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Video: The European Race as an Immortal Biological Animal
What are Whites? Are we individuals or groups or some other arrangement? Professor Quigley raised this question for all humans. He also explained what Hitler thought. One day I had an interesting side chat with Matt Hales Mom and another lady, and the subject of Immortal Animals came up.

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Below are articles from the AfricanCrisis archive that I mention in the video, along with the links to them:

Russia Projects a Middle East war withing 6 months –

Russia knew a Financial attack was going to happen –

9/11 & Putin’s strange warning BEFOREHAND –

Pravda: World War III by 2015 –

World War III has already begun, says Israeli spy chief –

This video was recorded on: 2023-08-06.

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Former German SWA: Namibia: Black Judge has sex with 9 and 10 year olds
A senior Namibian judge was arrested on Monday on a charge of raping a 10-year-old girl..

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