Video: AMAZING: Anti-White hatred KILLED Stockton Rush and the people on the Titan Submersible!


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[More and more info is coming out, and this asshole, Stockton Rush, who created the Titan Submersible, actually was an anti-White piece of shit!!!! He openly said he did not want to hire middle aged White guys. He also fired what seems to me to be good White men who worked for him who warned him about the dangers of his design. So he's really a woke anti-White dumbass White Liberal who basically set himself and everyone else up for death! The good news is that if you spit in the face of Liberalism and reality, that NATURE WILL KILL YOU!!!! And Nature took care of him, in a few microseconds, they were basically mincemeat. ALL THE EXPERIENCED WHITE MEN that Stockton Rush hired, told him that his submersible had serious problems and it would get people killed. So he got rid of them all. This White woman is a liberal who believes in diversity and she quotes from a JEWISH YALE study. So, I think that is very suspicious. Yale is filled with Jews. So I am extremely skeptical of anything from Yale ESPECIALLY when it relates to RACE and DIVERSITY. Otherwise, her video is fine. This White woman is otherwise silly and anti-White herself. The way she ends her discussion she sounds almost like a communist. But her first part about Rushton is really good. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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