Video: Alex Jones Court Room Horrors: Text Message, Emails, lies … Opposing attorney tears him to shreds

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This White attorney for the opposing side is excellent. Excellent. He knows his stuff. He’s fast, efficient, crisp and he moves forward with the utmost professionalism. I ask myself questions about Jones’ own attorney and whether his own attorney is either an idiot or already compromised. The way Jones is cornered here is dreadful. And this opposing attorney is making his points, one at a time, carefully. Jones is jumping around and clearly has no idea the torpedos coming his way. I cannot see how Jones can score any points anywhere at all. The Judge and the Jury must be seeing through him at every inch of the way. When I get a bit of time, I’d like to see Jones in the witness box more. But these short video excerpts are bad, bad, bad. They are ripping Jones’ asshole out. I cannot believe that someone as wealthy as him is this badly prepared and has such a crap attorney. The other side’s attorney, that White man, is tearing Jones to shreds. I don’t know what the final outcome for Alex Jones will be, but from what I’m seeing, HE WILL BE DESTROYED. HE WILL BE DESTROYED. I cannot see Alex Jones surviving this. Perhaps Jones will be BANKRUPTED firstly, and he’s perjuring himself so much (lying). He’s lying so much. Maybe through the way he is answering, maybe, maybe he might avoid some perjury. But perjury is a crime in Texas and you can even get jail time of a year for it. I think Alex Jones’s asshole is being ripped out. Truly. I don’t see how he will survive this.

Here’s the video:

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