Video: 911: The Jew Silverstein owner of WTC Building 7 tells them to “pull it” down…

Here is the Jew rat Silverstein talking about 911 and talking his Jewish shit, and saying that "there was such a loss of life" blah blah blah … and I told them (the fire department) to "pull it".

The big problem is that you can’t just PRESS A BUTTON and a huge building just falls down. It’s not possible. For a building to fall down like that you need to put explosives in it. It takes at least 3 weeks of careful preparation before a building is ready to be destroyed like that. Therefore, the only rational conclusion is that they must have had this work done WEEKS before the event.

This is just one of many, many, many mysteries about 911 which show you that 911 is all about Jews, Jews, Jews and more Jews.

Somewhere, I have a video, where someone phoned in on a show and they said that for weeks beforehand, on weekends, the buildings were shut down – FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER – and things were going on there.

There must be THOUSANDS of people who were involved in the planning and the execution of the setting up of those Twin Towers for destruction. I would say at least THOUSANDS of people were involved in it and they worked on it for MONTHS beforehand – if not longer!

Here’s the video where the lucky Jew rat Silverstein got caught out:

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