VERY IMPORTANT: Please SUPPORT: America’s foremost Political Prisoner: Matt Hale – HATED BY THE JEWS! – Innocent white man in Jail!


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Video: 2nd Anglo-Boer War: The British Atrocities against the Boers
The 2nd Anglo Boer war is probably the only war where WHITE CHILDREN were the main victims by far! In this video we take a look at the dirty war that the British Army engaged in, in order to crush a tiny army of Dutch-German Farmers (the Boers) here in Africa. We look at photographs and information from that time. We also look at the role of the British Rothschilds and Jews in this war.

[Great news! There’s a new website for Matt Hale! I regularly get news from his Mom who is desperately trying to get him pardoned by Trump – whose turning out to be a loser. The entire Western world is being ruled by cuckolds and outright traitors who are working for International Jewry. You’ll see the latest news on Matt Hale’s plight and WHAT YOU CAN DO TO TRY TO HELP HIM!

I am a huge fan of Ben Klassen’s Creativity, and Matt Hale was the greatest leader of it since Klassen. The Jews hated this man who was helping whites for all he was worth.

Personally, I wish I could break Matt Hale (and many other whites) out of jail.

Whites are in jail for no crime other than their love of their race. They’re heroes. Matt is a great hero!

On the website are letters you can write to Trump and others as well as the contact details for Matt’s Mom. Please support someone who has risked his life for our race! Jan]

Here’s the URL for the website:

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HORRIFIC STATISTICS: The Horror of Black Communist Rule in S. Africa since 1994
This is doing the rounds on a big scale here in South Africa among Whites. This will give you an idea of the horror of Black rule.

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