VERY IMPORTANT: Billionaires can be crushed like Bugs: China smacks it’s top one: Alibaba has lost $344bn in wor ld’s biggest wipe-out – My Comments


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[Whites need to begin to realise the critical importance of a NATION-STATE. The nation state is the highest form of organisation of any group of people. I did a video where I discussed the rich, and their apparent power versus the power of a nation state – any nation state. Don't be in awe of billionaires and even trillionaires. A nation state has so many mechanisms and forms of power. We Whites have become exceptionally SLACK and WEAK with regard to a nation state. If you look at any past example, from the Romans through to the Prussians or Napoleon or Hitler, you'll realise the critical importance of the nation state and it's forms of power. Don't drown yourself in the mythical power of the Jews. A nation state can crush the rich like bugs if it so wishes. Here is a simple example. Here China's top billionaire opened his mouth, and in short order, he got a serious wipe out … and the state hardly even did much and this wise ass lost more money than you can imagine. If a nation state wishes to, it can put billionaires six feet under and seize all their property on short order. Don't be too impressed with financial power. It can be deal with easily … when a nation state, like Hitler's Third Reich, or Napoleon's First French Empire, get's stuck into it. You can crush the rich like the ugly little bugs that they are. So look at this story of the Chinese billionaire who saw his ass. As for you Americans, if only you grasped the power of your nation and the need to purge it of the scum at the top. This is a matter to be taken EXTREMELY SERIOUSLY. If White people were serious, you would grab your rifles and seize control of your government at gunpoint if need be. This is not a joke. This is exactly why someone like Hitler did what he did. He knew the importance of controlling a nation, and so do the JEWS!!! That's why they will do anything, no matter how dirty and filthy in order to get POWER and GET TO THE TOP. The Blacks in Africa learned this important value as well. Whites are shirking on this one. It's something that is very serious. Jan]

Alibaba: The stock is 43% lower than its October 2020 peak.

By Jeanny Yu, Bloomberg 25 Oct 2021 14:20

Few people could have predicted the downward spiral for Alibaba Group, when founder Jack Ma delivered a blunt criticism of China’s financial system last October.

Yet one year on, the technology titan has lost a whopping $344 billion in market capitalisation – the biggest wipe-out of shareholder value globally, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Shortly after the now infamous speech, Beijing suspended the listing of its fintech arm Ant Group and has since followed up with a widespread crackdown on the country’s most vibrant sectors – causing Chinese stocks to tank.

Alibaba shares sank from an all-time high that month to a record low three weeks ago in Hong Kong, as Beijing stepped up its scrutiny of the company’s practices and urged a restructure of its fintech business.

Despite a 30% recovery from October 5, the stock is still 43% lower than its October 2020 peak.

Bloomberg Intelligence expects fiscal second-quarter active users at the e-commerce giant to have beaten consensus projections as a result of China’s zero-Covid policy. Alibaba is set to reporting earnings on Nov. 5.


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