USA: El Paso looks like a ‘third-world country’ as city is overrun by migrants

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El Paso is one of America’s 25 largest cities, exceeding the populations of Portland, Las Vegas, Detroit, and Baltimore. The west Texas city is currently under siege from hordes of uninvited border crashers …

NEW YORK POST – Shocking photos show President Biden’s border crisis has hit a new peak in El Paso, Texas — where a historic flood of migrants has turned the city into what a local pol says resembles “a third-world country.”

Regional Border Patrol Chief Gloria Chavez posted snapshots Monday night on Instagram that showed hordes of migrants dumped under an El Paso bridge over the weekend because the city has no more room to even process them.

“We’ve never seen anything like this,” said outraged US Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-Texas), whose district covers part of the city, as El Paso began grappling with its highest daily influx ever last month.

“It’s a scene that you would see in a third-world country, not in the streets of El Paso.”
Gonzalez warned, “Everything that I’ve been told and every indication tells me that we haven’t seen the worst yet.

“I was having regular conversations with the White House a few months ago, and now, we really aren’t having any conversations. Just when you think [things] can’t get any worse, they get worse. “

In a stunning revelation posted with the photos, Chavez wrote, “Since September 1st, El Paso Sector has averaged 1300 encounters per day.”

Most of the migrants flooding El Paso’s border are from Venezuela, and their numbers are averaging daily all-time highs, Border Patrol said. It wasn’t immediately clear what the city’s previous daily highs were.

The migrants, who cross into the US illegally and then claim they need asylum, are usually processed in a massive intake center that can handle 3,400 people. But given the burgeoning figures, people are now being processed in a makeshift set-up under the local highway overpass.

The migrants are then either ditched on local streets, since there are no more government-funded hotel or shelter rooms available, or helped along to their final destination — which is usually New York City, El Paso officials told The Post on Tuesday.

“We ask the migrants where they wish to go. Nearly all of the migrants say New York City,” said El Paso spokeswoman Laura Cruz-Acosta. “To date, we have chartered 25 buses. All have been to New York City.”

The number of migrants bussed off since late August has totaled at least 1,135, the city said.

Gonzales said the impact on El Paso was “very sad to see.”

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