USA: Dictionary of Black American Invention Myths (lies actually!)


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[I only published one page of these stupid lies and nonsense about these Black Americans. Jews have politicized and racialised Black Americans and turned these stupid fools against White Americans by teaching them all kinds of crap like this. This page that I published is all that I have. The website I linked to, no longer exists. If anyone has details of lies about Black achievements then contact me. I will happily publish all this total shit. It needs to be exposed for the crap that it is. Jews and Liberals are scum AND THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHITES GETTING KILLED BY BLACKS IN AMERICA!!! Regarding a Black being the first at the North Pole: I dug into that a lot in the days when I was doing my nutty Hollow Planets stuff. That's also a load of crap. Jan]

Original Post Date: 2007-01-05 Time: 00:00:00 Posted By: Jan

[A regular reader from the USA sent me this fascinating link which needs to really be spread around. I am amazed at the lies INVENTED by these so-called “African American Academics”.

The one item I don’t see on the list is the claim that an African American was the first man to get to the North Pole. Now that is something I researched many years ago. You will find claims that the black man who accompanied Peary was in fact the first man at the north pole! Peary had a black man who went on a number of expeditions with him. His name was Mathew Henson.

I did a quick search of the web, and here is a reference to this lie – which is in fact repeated many times:-

African American is first to reach the North Pole!

April 6

*On this date in 1909 Matthew Henson became the first man to reach the North Pole.

Henson, an African American explorer and adventurer was began the journey with Admiral Robert E. Peary from Camp Sheridan in Greenland in February of that year. By April they were near exhaustion and blinded by snow glare; but only 60 miles from their goal. Despite the adversity, Henson, an expert in handling equipment, dog sleds and in dealing with Eskimos went forth and became the first man to reach the North Pole.

In 2000, the National Geographic Society posthumously awarded Henson with its highest honor, the Hubbard Medal, for distinction in exploration, discovery and research.


Jet Magazine

Johnson Publishing

820 South Michigan Avenue

Chicago IL 60605

Now this of course is nonsense. How can they claim Henson was the first to the North Pole? He was walking alongside Peary! Peary had a whole team of people with him and the reason Peary is given the credit is because he organised everything and was in charge. Anyway… the North Pole is not just a single spot you can run to and the first one on the spot wins! If that were the case, then why don’t other people claim to be the first? Why, for example, do we say Edmund Hillary was the first to climb mount Everest? What about the rest of his team? Why don’t they claim that one of his other team members beat him?

I will tell you however, that the first man at the North Pole really was a white man, and it was actually Dr Cook. I researched this quite a bit some years ago. Dr Cook actually beat Peary to the North Pole and so the issue of whether a black man was first is really irrelevant. There are many Polar specialists these days who have studied the diaries, photos and evidence given by Dr Cook and have concluded that Dr Cook actually beat Admiral Peary and that Dr Cook himself was the butt of a nasty propaganda smear campaign started by Admiral Peary.

I’ve seen a similar thing with Thomas Edison and the light bulb. The claim is that a black man working with Edison really was the source of the breakthrough in the filament and therefore, the light bulb was not invented by Edison but by his black worker.

The person who constructed the Black Invention Myths page explains the reason why he did this:-

Black Invention Myths

Perhaps you’ve heard the claims: Were it not for the genius and energy of African-American inventors, we might find ourselves in a world without traffic lights, peanut butter, blood banks, light bulb filaments, and a vast number of other things we now take for granted but could hardly imagine life without.

Such beliefs usually originate in books or articles about black history. Since many of the authors have little interest in the history of technology outside of advertising black contributions to it, their stories tend to be fraught with misunderstandings, wishful thinking, or fanciful embellishments with no historical basis. The lack of historical perspective leads to extravagant overestimations of originality and importance: sometimes a slightly modified version of a pre-existing piece of technology is mistaken for the first invention of its type; sometimes a patent or innovation with little or no lasting value is portrayed as a major advance, even if there’s no real evidence it was ever used.

Unfortunately, some of the errors and exaggerations have acquired an illusion of credibility by repetition in mainstream outlets, especially during Black History Month (see examples for the traffic light and ironing board). When myths go unchallenged for too long, they begin to eclipse the truth. Thus I decided to put some records straight. Although this page does not cover every dubious invention claim floating around out there, it should at least serve as a warning never to take any such claim for granted.

Each item below is listed with its supposed black originator beneath it along with the year it was supposedly invented, followed by something about the real origin of the invention or at least an earlier instance of it.

Click here for the Black Invention Myths page
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