Ukraine War: Putin’s ally, China has never sent him any weapons… Isolating Putin…


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While following the Ukraine war, I noticed that never at any time did the Chinese sell or give weapons to Russia. Those two big states were supposed to be allies against the West. Both were communist, and worked together against us Whites in Africa.

The dumbass Chinese still openly show that they have a Communist Party.

Both nations were supposed to be allies. And I was quite amazed that they did not support Putin. On 4th November the idiot Chinese communist Xi warned against the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

It seems to me the USA has been successful at isolating Putin. I’m wondering if they will be able to oust Putin. The CIA has a long reach.

The fact that the dumb Chinese have NOT supplied Putin with any weapons and that they are acting the way they are, should show you YET AGAIN, as I have been saying, that the Chinese are weaker than you think.

Even Putin’s closest allies like Belarus did not enter the war.

Many things have gone wrong for Putin and to me it is as if the USA has isolated him globally.

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