UK: The Jews versus 1 brave White woman Alison Chabloz – Latest Court News

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[All our groups are small. Its hard to gather people together in these tough times, but Alison is a real trooper of note – a really brave woman who is daring to do the unthinkable in Jew-loving, Jew-defending Jew-run Britain! In Britain the Jews rule the roost and whites get thrown in jail. Don’t forget Joshua Bonehill who went to jail in recent years just for wanting a protest! Jail time for him! Alison could follow! Jews have white Brits thrown in jail at the drop of a hat. She’s extremely brave for making this stand. Here’s her latest news. And look at all these Jewish scum who are “fighting anti-semitism” – translation: They are fighting AGAINST THE TRUTH! AGAINST THE TRUTH!!! That’s what Jews do! They call the TRUTH “anti-semitism!” Jan]

Firstly, a huge thank you to the 25 brave souls who turned up at yesterday’s hearing in support. Thanks also to those of you who weren’t able to be there but sent messages and donations.

It was a great boost to see familiar, friendly faces in the public gallery vastly outnumbering the opposition. Indeed, as proceedings began, we were informed of a request made by Crown key witnesses, CAA’s Gideon Falter and Stephen Silverman. Both men had originally intended to be present in the public gallery yet neither turned up. Instead, CAA minion, Anthony Orkin, was again in attendance with just a couple of others, including the man seen on the far left of the photo below:

You can read the rest on her website here:

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