UK: Is Tommy Robinson a Jew?


[On the social media someone sent me this photo of Tommy Robinson saying that he’s not only a Jew, but also giving his name! This would be very interesting to check up on! If he’s a real Jew that would suck. But that would also explain why he got the big publicity he did. The Jews would have given the signal to their media people that this story must be given priority.

This type of thing fools whites. Jews manipulate things in such a way that to us it seems like a natural occurrence, when in fact they are pulling the strings. Whites have let Jews become so used to us, that they know all the ways of fooling and manipulating us, and its killing us. Jan]

Here’s the photo I was given:

My supporter who gave me this also wrote: Robinson’s real name is Yaxley-Lennon, a Jew commie…just FYI..

3 thoughts on “UK: Is Tommy Robinson a Jew?

  • 7th October 2018 at 4:55 am

    He’s trying to “lead us down the garden path” use him instead, but don’t take him seriously

  • 13th June 2018 at 3:47 am

    yes its well known his last name but to use a fake name in this isnt unusual, the biggest give away for me is the picture available online of him holding a machine gun while riding on an IDF tank, im not sure how many goys the IDF would allow to play with their toys like that?

    ive been following him for years and dont really like him, he is anti-nationalist and anti-right wing which is another huge sign of who he really is, he is openly a zionist tho that again does not give any “proof” to anything as loads of Christians are zionists as well.

    to my knowledge there has only been one time hes ever spoken aobut this subject where he tweeted that he was a jew but this was only sent jokingly which is obvious hwen you take the quote in context of the conversation he was having at the time, he was basically trolling

    as far as i know, and i have spent many hours trying to find out one way or the other, there is zero proof of eiher way but being openly zionist who is anti-right wing and anti white identity he should be assumed to be a kike unless you can find proof otherwise

    lastly, this really dosnt change much, he was only ever a tool for normies which is all he is to us. he will bring to our fight people who would otherwise have never wanted to support our cause (pro-white, anti muslim and anti kike) just remember like any tool that you use him to our advantage without counter signalling too hard but stick to what we do actually know about him and make sure our side dosnt take him for more than he is

    (PS, some of my comments say “awaiting moderation”, i commented on the dennis wise post you made the other day and i dont beleive anyone can see my comment? it was just linking to his and the impartial truths web pages with all their vids available)


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