Turning Canada’s Alberta Province into Somalia!!

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[Rest assured, JEWS are behind this madness in Canada. I've been looking into the bogus arguments for Canada and America and why they are getting so many non-White immigrants. The level to which this is going on in Canada is horrific. Jan]

Rachel Notley’s NDP has announced that they want Alberta’s school system to be more like Somalia’s.

You know about Somalia, right? Yeah, it’s that failed state in East Africa.

In the name of diversity and inclusion, Rachel Notley wants to upend our entire education system to court the votes of the 0.3% of the population that is ethnically Somalian.

Instead of learning about Sir John A MacDonald, World War II, or even how to start a business, Albertan kids will be subjected to a "Somalified" education.

It is hard to even grasp what the NDP’s plan is here, or why they want to completely destroy our education system for a couple diversity points. What is clear is that everything is on the line come the May election.

I don’t know about you, but I think that it is crucial to prioritize Albertan values, history, culture, and essential skills like math, science, and literacy in our education system.

With the Rachel Notley vying to overthrow the Conservative government, and with polls being so close, I think that news like this is critical to share with you.

Our team at The Counter Signal is running in overdrive, focusing on bringing stories to you that matter, especially the ones that the CBC tries to brush under the rug.

Please help us spread the word about this alarming story by sharing it with whoever you can

Keep fighting for what is right,

Keean Bexte

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