Trump’s cases failing – Sidney Powell THE KRAKEN looking like a BIG FLOP – Her Long Term potential


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Just a quick note as I’m trying to figure out and assess what chances these people stand.

I was looking at Trump’s cases. A few were heard but many were dismissed. Most in fact.

Sidney Powell may be throwing her own money into this and she is definitely on her own mission. I don’t have a problem with this. But I think she’s not going to be that effective. I’ve not seen the results of any lawsuits she’s filed but the Jewish mass media has been tearing into them for having very obvious, glaring spelling mistakes.

She might be fighting a courageous one woman war with a handful of people and it will help in the long run and she will be a force and personality by herself.

HOWEVER, she will not save Trump. Trump can’t save Trump. "THE KRAKEN" is nothing. The damp squib Kraken does not look as if she will get much done – nothing important that can overturn the election that is.

In the long term, she may be a good force in the White Right.

Dan Bongino is another guy I’m curious about watching. He seems to have been propelled into higher levels and he is a better voice for sanity.

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