The world-wide future of European peoples is at risk – Germanica I look to the western sky and find the man within


[This is something nice I came across. Jan]

The message at the top of the website is:

The world-wide future of European peoples is at risk
. . . but we can save it.

Primal Painting

On cold canvas spirals wound
Forged by pain and earth’s rebound
Imposters fell and infants lifted
By nature gifted.

Brushes changed by acts of grace
Palettes lost and then embraced
Philosophers impart their hue
Our people grew.

Canvas soon the world encompassed
Tribal kitsch and blight amongst us
With rival’s stain our focus shifted
But conflict rifted.

Slashed by sword and mud bespattered
Coils of birth are torn and tattered
Hope was lost, the pigment clouded
Our vision shrouded.

Artisans with truth respond
But will the stone become the wand?
Ten thousand years of paint applied
Yet truth denied.

I will look for colors lost
My people thrive on nature’s cost
And will not bow in fear of night
We will be won on canvas white.

copyright 2018


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