The SECRETS Black Govts in Africa are hiding from Whites in the Western world


[I was looking at food donations to black African countries from the West and chatting to people on Gab when I realised that things like food donations to black Africa from the West are NOT REPORTED IN THE MEDIA IN SOUTH AFRICA. You will NEVER see any details that starving blacks have, yet again, been saved by Whites in North America or Europe. 

I wrote this to the American whites. Jan]

Do you know, here in South Africa, they NEVER NEVER NEVER mention the food donations that the blacks are getting from across the Western world. That stuff never even reaches the whites. The Jewish mass media says NOTHING! Its maybe something I should also be pointing folks too. There are LOTS OF SECRETS in Africa. In some African countries, if you walk around and take photos inside a city for example, the Police will take you in for questioning! In some countries like Zimbabwe, whites and blacks can go to jail for this. I’ve tried for many years to get photos of certain areas, and its not possible. They passed laws against this. They are scared shitless that the whites of the Western world will see the truth. In South Africa, in 2000, the enacted a law to stop the publishing of crime statistics for a YEAR, and it can only be published after it has been “checked” by the Govt statistics dept!!! They also stopped people from publishing the race of the criminals. That’s been hidden for 25 years. They can’t mention the race of a criminal in the news or TV, etc. Blacks are hiding a lot and I’m sure Jews are playing a major role in mentoring them and guiding them in these areas.

3 thoughts on “The SECRETS Black Govts in Africa are hiding from Whites in the Western world

  • 19th January 2020 at 11:04 pm

    With recent crop losses in the west, the days of giving surpluses to these people may nigh be over. And with that, hopefully the natural order reasserts itself.

  • 18th January 2020 at 10:05 pm

    The plan is to remove most of these Africans from the continent. Whitee didnt have the balls to do it, now someone else steps up to the plate & does it. They know these things will never be able to sustain themselves ever. By feeding them, getting rich off of them, you were creating a mess for the West. The west wants them out, they are not human.

    It cannot be human because there are no inventions. It was like some computer in the corner of the office, until someone switched it on, it was off. The only time these things woke up was when the white man woke them up and since they woke up they have bred, bred, bred, starved, fought, bred, bred, starved and the enemies of the West will simply use them as cannon fodder.

    The best thing to do is let the West deal with them because the greedy farmers in Rhodesia and South Africa were going to do what? They were more than happy propping up these orks numbers but then what? You have 500 million of these things now stealing oxygen, they doing it right.

    Whitee didnt have the balls to clean up this continent, if it takes the Jew to do it or whoever else is in charge, I support them. Either way they will starve

  • 18th January 2020 at 5:48 pm

    I have no doubt at all that Jews are behind all of this.


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