THE RICH & ELITE ARE BAGS OF SHIT: American reader: I tried to listen to Biden’s speech but I almost threw up! – & Trump is such a weakling

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[I laughed at this comment posted by one of my readers. I'm keen to hear how folks think and feel "on the ground". These "modern leaders" are such pathetic shit – the whole lot of them. This is also why I feel so confident that White Global Revolution is very viable and it's coming. The leaders are such crap. Look at Boris the clown from the UK. Anyway, the comments below are excellent, and I'm afraid, the comments about Trump are well said. All these elite and rich and "upper classes" make me so sick I could puke myself. They're no better in South Africa. The Rich of South Africa are the most pathetic bunch of scum you've ever come across. And to think I once worked for them. I grew to have nothing but the UTMOST CONTEMPT for the Wealthy. Contempt I tell you. My mother was not exactly high class, she came from a poor family, but my mother had a saying when she felt the utmost contempt for someone. She would say: "I wouldn't shit on the best part of their face!" And I think that is where the wealthy have taken us. Alfred Schaefer, who is in jail in Germany, told me that when Germans were red pilled, and realised the truth, that they were so overcome with REVULSION … Well, I think that's where we all are going. Just revulsion and constantly trying to stop ourselves from puking whenever the "rich", and "powerful" and "upper classes" speak. The one is a more worthless sack of shit than the next. In South Africa we have a saying: "They're lower than shark shit.". So true. You find you've been working for and looking up to "the wealthy" and then you discover what TOTAL CRAP they all are. Just total crap. You cannot find a single redeeming factor in them. Who ever imagined that we would see worse than: The Clintons … than Obama! F*ck … we sink to ever lower lows. In South Africa it is no better. The trend is just down, down … and when you think it can't get lower … bugger me … YES WE CAN GO LOWER!!! Jan]

Here’s what the reader wrote:
I tried to listen to Biden’s speech, but he kept whining about how Trump’s lawyers tried to stop him and how we must pull together for the sake of democracy. I almost threw up. Trump will not fight for his people because his family is married to "the tribe." If he fired Kushner or Pompeo, I might pay attention. Biden won’t last a year and his successor will have to deal with the fact that deception got her into office.

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