The NAZI problem in modern Germany: Germany: ‘Major police operation’ launched against large group of partyg oers shouting ‘Sieg Heil’ in Bavarian brewery


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A police operation has been launched after a witness claimed to hear a group of 20 to 30 men sitting at a table in a German brewery, who started shouting, “Sieg Heil,” a banned phrase in Germany.

The report indicates that at 7 p.m., a witness related that one man stood up at a table in the Augustiner brewery in Munich holding a beer glass, at which point he delivered a short speech and shouted “Sieg,” several times, at which point the large group of men present responded with cries of “Heil.”

The term “Sieg Heil” in English translates to “Hail victory.” The term, which was used by the National Socialists during the rule of Adolf Hitler, has been banned in Germany since the end of the Second World War and can be prosecuted under criminal law.

The men were reportedly prevented from leaving until police arrived, with a police spokesman confirming to Bayerischer Rundfunk that there was a “major operation” at the brewery; however, there are no reports of arrests made during the incident.

A spokesperson for the brewery stated: “We learned of the incident with dismay and disgust. We reject such right-wing extremist activities in every form. The Augustiner Brewery stands for an open, tolerant and democratic worldview.”

Last month, an investigation was launched against teenage partygoers on the island of Sylt who sang “Foreigners out,” to the beat of a popular techno song, with a video of the incident sparking frenzied media coverage and eliciting responses from top left-wing politicians.

The German police have struggled to maintain order in the country, with record levels of violent crime recorded in 2023. In addition, a record level of foreigners committing crime was also recorded, with these foreigners representing 41 percent of all crimes committed. When it comes to violent crime, six in ten cases are committed by foreigners.


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