The Jewish War against White people since 1933


[Here are some excellent comments from my readers. The declaration of war in 1933 was of course against Hitler, because the Jews of the world saw him as a threat. But he was the best thing our race had in modern times, a man with a vision, an important vision for our race. Jan]

9:09 a.m., Sunday Jan. 10

Henk V.: wrote:

In 1933 Judea, for the first time, openly declared war against the White People.
After WWII, their war against whiteness became more international and even more in the open.

And still there are people who don’t want to see the facts. They just accept that our way of living is deteriorating in a time that computers and robots should give us unlimited wealth.
It is like these people instinctively know that an enemy is fighting us, but as long they can buy a new telephone every year, they think they can ‘sit it out’.
Surprise: they can’t. If they stay inactive, they will lose everything they have. They will lose their freedom, their wealth and maybe even their children.


7:13 p.m., Monday Jan. 11

raymond daubney wrote:

I have believed that there is no way we can take our country’s back without the use of violence, the enemy has us in that position, right where they wanted us. As a result they have left us with making a choice between fight back or virtual surrender. They know that deep down the people don’t want to commit themselves.

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