The Jewish Bias of the Nobel Prize – My Comments


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[Jews did NOT dominate science decades ago. In fact Hitler mocked the idea of Jews even teaching science! But in recent decades it seems as if Jews are all over the Nobel Prizes. I suspect that this goes hand in hand with Jewish dominance in US universities, etc. I suspect this is yet another case of the Jewish tribe helping all their buddies and promoting Jews whenever they get a chance. Thus they focus on promoting their tribe's interests rather than the interests of science. I also strongly suspect that you're getting a much more inferior science. Any scientific progress is probably only due to new technology built by Whites which is able to see more accurately and measure more accurately. I'm sure that if Whites dominated science that things would move forward at 10x the pace it does now. I have no doubt that Jews have caused massive damage especially to important sciences like physics. I suspect they may even have sent entire areas into the wrong direction. But astute White geniuses could still easily outperform them, I am sure. Like in everything, you can't trust Jews in any of these areas. Jan]

By Jan C Biro MD., PhD Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden & Hamulus Foundation, Los Angeles, CA, USA.

About the Author Jan Charles Biro, head of the Hamulus Foundation, graduated MD at the Karolinska Hospital and PhD at the Karolinska Institute (Stockholm, Sweden), where he is honorary professor in experimental endocrinology. He has written 90+ scientific publications, 7 pat ents and patent applications. A member of numerous scientific societies, he regularly referees articles for bioinformatics journals. He moved to the USA in 2002 and received permanent residency under section Indiv w/ Adv Deg or Exceptional Ability in the National Interest. Recently, his main interest has been in computational and theoretical biology, focusing on his discovery of the Proteo mic Code and Nucleic Acid Chaperons. Summary Alfred Nobel’s Will (the founding document of the prestigious Nobel Prize) requests “…that in awarding the prizes no consideration be given to the nationality of the candidates, but that the most worthy shall receive the prize …” This expressed wish is largely ignored by the Nobel Foundation, who award excessive numbers of Prizes to Jewish scientists (who traditionally belong to “One Nation” even if they live in different countries around the World), thus creating the large Jewish-Bias (J-bias). They award the Prize to 137 times more frequently to Jewish candidates worldwide, and 26 times more frequently to those in America, than would be expected from the size of the Jewish popula tion. The proportion of Jewish laureates more than doubled (2.3-fold increase) after the Second World War owing to the explosion of Prizes shared between Jews and Gentiles (8.8-fold increase). Higher IQs and preferential choice of science as a profession among Jews do not fully explain this J-bias. It is more likely that extensive and well-organized personal networking of a marketing type among Jewish scientists, together with the egalitarian-liberal, nonchalant attitude of the Swedish representatives of the Donor, are responsible for this unfortunate phenomenon. It is suggested that the World’s scientific community persuade the Nobel Foundation to follow the rules of Nobel’s Will in accordance with Swedish Law. An illustration of the incredible Jewish bias in the awarding of Nobel Prizes, the giving of the “Peace Prize” to one of the world’s most murderous terrorists.


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