The F*cking Jews are trying to make anti-semitism in Denmark Illegal – 2 Whites falsely arrested

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This is the best website in America that exposes BLACK CRIME! It is fantastic. Every White American should see this!

I was told the other day that the bloody Jews in Denmark are busy trying to make so-called antisemitism (which is a nonsense Jewish term anyway), illegal!!!

Then I heard, the other day that 2 Danes were arrested for something they did not do.

The bloody Jews of Denmark, filth and scum that they are, are clearly out to destroy the local whites, what few there are, who are just trying to do their own thing, racially.

Whites have no free speech I tell you.

It seems to me the FREE SPEECH is something that all whites in the West might as well GO TO WAR OVER because there is no such thing. It disgusts me what is happening.

And Paul Fromm just put out a note about someone in Canada just fired from his job for making some remarks.


Jews are scum, as always.


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