The European Race: Our incredible scientific knowledge of Space & Planets for thousands of years


This is from an email I sent to a lady who was commenting to people who were talking about the Fake Moon Landings. I wrote:

xxx, I’m totally on your side re: Moon landings fake. They were real. All of space travel is real. I find it amazing that supporters of Germany and Hitler can sometimes make the same claim. How then do you explain the Hitler even designed a space plane and the GERMANS (a V2) produced the first vehicle to technically enter space! Astronomy was my avid hobby as a teenager. Our race knew the earth was circular thousands of years ago and it was even measured, very accurately by the ancient greeks. The incredible accomplishments of our FANTASTIC European scientists, working with nothing but a pen and paper doing incredible calculations of the most amazing kind, figured out all kinds of very subtle, accurate information about orbits, etc.

e.g. All planetary orbits are elliptical. But if you were to draw them you would think they were circular. You would never, with your eyes detect that they were elliptical, but they are, and our forefathers figured this out.

I could go on and on. The science that came out of Europe was INCREDIBLE. We were way ahead of all other races.

Our science was amazing. i was looking at evidence that in the time of Rome and Greece that we were building the first analogue computers. Insane stuff. All again relating to astronomy.

But you are right, if the moon landing was a fake, the Russians and everyone would have had a field day. Meanwhile, the Russians were themselves racing to get to the Moon and trying to beat the USA to every planetary body and they were ahead in the beginning.

I’ve looked at claims of fake stuff on the Moon. Mostly, it means nothing. There are one or two small things I might look at again another day. At WORST, I would concede that maybe there was a backup plan for video from the moon if something went wrong. But I do not doubt for one second that White men travelled to and from the Moon. The space and satellite programs are awesome.

Space is where our race is unique in it’s genius. This is clear from our history of astronomy.

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