The Dirt on Bill Gates is well overdue – His role in COVID & Vaccine scams – Campaign to destroy Gates


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I have never had an agenda against Bill Gates, but I will tell you, I’ve lost all respect for him as a result of his COVID vaccine scams and his nonsense of shutting down the world. He is a major player, if not the biggest player, globally in this COVID lockdown and vaccine scam crap.

I therefore feel the time has come to take the gloves off. it seems there is a campaign underway to destroy him and I frankly welcome it. This man is out of control and if his super wealth is destroyed and he loses control of much of what he has created – I frankly don’t care. I feel that he’s done immense harm to the world and I don’t trust this vaccine shit.

It is very possible that there is a campaign to destroy Bill Gates. I’m not sure who is behind it or their reasons. But I like it. Let him be sunk and let him lose control of most of what he has done. I think he is TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL and VERY DANGEROUS.

His insane ideas and goals with our health – I think it is fine if he is destroyed. It seems as if there is a real campaign to tear him down – and that suits me fine. Let them destroy him with his dirt.

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