The big problems Germans in WW2 & Whites in Africa face: Being massively outnumbered …


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Who are we? Boers or Afrikaners? Answer from Dr Mike Du Toit
I had someone write to me about the topic of Boers versus Afrikaners. I decided to approach Dr Mike Du Toit, who was the leader of the Boeremag, and who is a professional academic who is very well versed in our history to answer this. Dr Du Toit not only knows our history in South Africa but also our history in Europe. This was his answer.

[I was busy telling an old soldier in SA about the real problem that white men face when they are fighting outnumbered. Jan]

How the Jews got the Germans to lose was to overwhelm them with numbers of men and factory output. It took soldiers from America and the Soviet Union and enormous factories in both nations along with the entire British empire to eventually overwhelm the Germans. This is the core problem we whites in Africa face – how to survive and win when vastly outnumbered. Its a very tricky problem. The key problem is that there is a RATIO at which the white male cannot handle the volumes any more. The white male in Africa for example, can kill his enemies at a ratio of up to 18:1 or 20:1 – but only for a certain amount of time. The problem is that enemies can give the blacks weapons and more importantly, lend them assistance. The ANC in South Africa for example could NEVER have made any progress if it wasn’t for MASSIVE JEWISH covert activity inside and outside SA AND communist and Jewish recruitment of WHITES IN EUROPE & UK & Russia to work against us. Even so, the ANC “victory” was not even a true victory. The whites here had such incredible power and organisation. When I study the past, I am constantly struck these days by how WHITES WORKING FOR THE ANC WERE THE SECRET ANC WEAPON. If the ANC and the other blacks didn’t have the Russians, British, Jews or White Liberals from Europe secretly assisting them … they would have remained blocked in the townships for the next 20 years. The whites had the power to control the blacks easily for 15 years longer than the time they quit. However, my view is even more positive when I study the end of the whites of Zimbabwe and the final 100,000 who were basically Liberal, but who still managed to pull the plug on the country in a way, which has led to it in a permanent state of chaos. Zimbabwe cannot recover. The next step is black on black civil war. This is good. Angola and Mozambique had black on black civil war. In Mozambique, the Rhodesians started it, and SA pushed it forward until, very sadly, PW Botha ended it. I have studied our situation enough that I no longer believe that whites, either here, or anywhere, should EVER stop fighting back and standing up for themselves. Even when massively outnumbered, there are so many methods to destroy the blacks. The ONLY thing preventing immediate victory for us, is MASSIVE FOREIGN SUPPORT FOR THE ANC AND THE BLACKS. If we were allowed to hit these blacks by ourselves, through us organising as a group and them organising using their resources (even of them as the Govt and ruling party), we’d destroy them. What I also found really uplifting, was studying Von Manstein, Hitler’s greatest general. He wrote in his memoirs, that there were ways to win, for Germany, right to the end. Right in 1943 and 1944 even. I was extremely impressed with what he did and achieved. Von Manstein was the best of the best – much better than Rommel. Rommel was not the best. He just got a big reputation in Africa, but was not the best. Von Manstein explained in his memoirs how he believed the Allies could have been defeated in France AFTER the D-Day landings. That impressed the hell out of me. I could not believe that any possible victory was even possible. But his ideas are clear and brilliant as always. Von Manstein was unquestionably the greatest German genius in WW2. But Hitler, for a corporal was not bad though. He was right up there. But I’d say Manstein was cleverer than Hitler on strategy. But Hitler was no slouch and Hitler was cleverer than MOST of the Generals.

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