Target is sick: Jews and Queers: Internal Target Email Exposes Troubling Activities Woke Company Asks Employees to Participate In: Report


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[This company is f*cked up. Jews must be pulling a lot of strings here. Pedophiles and Queers and Transgender … means Jews are floating around behind the scenes. Jan]

“Woke” retail giant Target is asking its employees to participate in LGBT “pride” events inlacing “QUEER BINGO,” according to a reported internal company email.

Independent reporter Greg Price posted an image of the email on Twitter Monday and it shows the company hasn’t learned much in the weeks since a backlash against its complete embrace of sexuality cost it billions in market value.

The email asks employees in its Minneapolis headquarters and across the country to celebrate “pride week” and to build “community” either in-person or remotely by going gay.

“Show your Pride | In honor of Pride Week, join team members across the company for a variety of events to connect and build community virtually and at Minneapolis HQ. Check out a few highlights below and visit the Pride+ SharePoint for details, Zoom links and more,” the message read.

The correspondence from the company to employees also promoted a “Game Day” that includes “Queer Bingo” and other “board games.”

I don’t know what “Queer Bingo” is but it is probably slated to occur as the store leaves open only one or two cash registers during high-volume hours.

The alternative to waiting in line at those registers is the company’s self-checkout option.

Those registers of course contain the world’s worst cameras — cameras that could have probably made Audrey Hepburn look unattractive in her prime.

If you know, you know.

In any event, Target’s employee “pride week” has more than just “Queer Bingo.”

There is also a presentation from the company’s “Pride+ Culture Club” on “How to be a Better Ally.”

There are other events employees are welcome to join and the company assures them: “This is a safe space to talk about anything that’s been on your mind lately.”

I suspect when Target says “anything” is safe to talk about that the company excludes employees who do not feel comfortable with the LGBT lobby’s hold on the company and how they support themselves.

I learned from my time in corporate America that those kinds of sentiments go only one way — to the left.

A major corporation once invited me to leave my job when I politely protested the divisive nature of its obsession with diversity®.

The soul-crushing struggle for conservative working people who just want to earn a paycheck is one that is too often overlooked.

In any event, Target is all-in on pushing the left’s agenda which now includes targeting vulnerable children and trying to convince them to undergo irreversible castrations, mastectomies, and hormone therapies. The company is actually footing the bill.

If the company would simply focus on selling groceries, clothes, and overpriced Chinese-made toys and electronics, it arguably wouldn’t be $10 billion in the hole as of last week.

But Target insisted on selling “tuck-friendly” swimsuits, children’s “pride” merchandise, and even satanic LGBT products.

Perhaps consumers can keep pushing the financial losses higher until Target and other woke companies get the message, which is to stay out of divisive identity politics and to stay away from children.


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