Some second thoughts about Boris Johnson of the UK – Johnson is somewhat racist


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Boris Johnson is not my favourite. He is also a TOTAL LACKEY to the Jewish bankers. But I discovered that he is somewhat racist actually. He has a nasty arrogant personality from when he was young. He is a bad boy. But I have detected that he definitely has something of a racist anti-Black side. He has said some derogatory things about Blacks.

He has been naughty and run around boinking a bunch of White women out of wedlock and made a couple of White kids.

So inside his character, there are some glimmers that he’s not a total shitbag. He’s not a faggot. He’s not a tranny. He’s a White man. But he is clearly a total grovelling toady to bankers and the powers that be.

What he said about Blacks impressed me. It showed that he was not a total asshole.

At least he is not a pedophile, and a weird sexual pervert. He’s actually a normal White guy in that sense. He chases White women and makes them pregnant. You can’t fault that.

But somehow he clearly moved into the power circles and he is otherwise a bag of crap.

I don’t care if he goes down. But I thought I’d just say he has a few redeeming qualities.

One of the things I dislike the most about him is his sheer nastiness to other whites. He’s extremely arrogant and he does not have a problem hurting people and being derogatory to them. His personal character in that sense is not nice.

But he’s clearly not a normal globo-homo- pedophile, baby sex, body sex kind of weirdo.

So he’s not your normal Jew-type sexual weirdo. Which is quite amazing.

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