Russia builds more than 8,000 mosques, Islamic schools in 20 years


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[This is a comment I got from one of my readers after I published the above story. Russia is NOT for WHITES. Putin is NOT a saviour of White people. He forces Whites and Muslims and other Asiatics together. Hitler would not have approved of any of this. Jan]

Here are the comments I received:

When Russia wages war, do the Muslims fight for Russia?

Are Muslims and Orthodox Christians at odds in Russia?

Malay Muslims have been present in Christian South Africa for well over a Century, have we not managed to respect the views and practices of the other?

How many Nations has Iran invaded? Did they cause the displacement of peoples on account of the wars they wage, if any? Western Nations are to blame for their liberal attitudes which let other peoples into their politics. For them it is not going to end well.

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