Rhodesia: Was there another good White Leader other than Ian Smith? – PK Van Der Byl


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[This is a note I wrote to someone. Jan]

My 2nd best guy for Rhodesia was a wealthy South African named PK Van Der Byl. And he is a very rare example, or someone who came from a wealthy background, but he was RACIAL (probably because he was Afrikaans) – he later married an Austrian Princess! PK was very popular in Rhodesia even among the majority British population. I think he could have followed up on Smith. Plus, he clearly did indicate at a point that we should have "retreated to South Africa" rather than hand it over to the Blacks. If you want, I did a whole video on this – about a hypothetical retreat of Whites from Rhodesia, just blowing up stuff we don’t need and leaving the Blacks with just burned out ruins. THAT WOULD DEFINITELY HAVE WORKED.

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