Reader: Buchanan, a good Catholic, a bad Racialist – His WW2 book hated by Jews – My Comments

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[One of my readers added his thoughts on Buchanan, which tells me a lot. Some insightful stuff in here. It is interesting that Buchanan seems to be deeply Catholic. Alex Linder is always reminding us about Christianity and Catholics. I am not used to Catholics and their viewpoints. Few Whites in South Africa are Catholics. Buchanan's WW2 book – I have a copy of it. And he tells some good truths. But Buchanan's insights into Blacks in DC is interesting. Since I've been to DC, and seen a bit of it first hand, I have some context. I will ponder what Buchanan is saying. But I don't think Buchanan grasps race at all. This is something that other Catholics just don't get. And RACE is a critically important concept. If Whites abandon the science of race and how inheritance and nature works, then Whites are losing access to the greatest and most important scientific concept in our favour. The whole topic is enormous. Jan]

Here was the reader’s comment about Buchanan:

I did like Buchanan, and still do in some respects. His book on WWII is enlightening, and I note after it was published, the Jews really went after him. hard to believe he was once a guest host on Rush Limbaugh, but that book put him on the verboten list. Buchanan also has a sense of humor, calling himself ‘a Falangist.’

That’s pretty good, and probably accurate. He is more a strong Catholic than racialist, much as Franco was more a Catholic/nationalist than fascist.

Buchanan, like most conservatives, believes that somehow, if they just get their message across, blacks will desert the liberals and join then. Buchanan once said ‘when I grew up in Washington, D.C., the blacks there were always better dressed and better behaved than the whites.’ Ugh. I don’t see this, and the rampant pandering Trump gave to blacks did him no real good. The blacks want the dole and other party favors.

Trump’s term of office was, ultimately, an economic solution to racial and subver sive problems, and it failed.

Unlike Reagan’s time, the left is more strident, feel in control and have corporate backing. it is less a matter of liberals and conservatives, then the radicals of a new kind of communitarian religion and those of us defending the old gods…Christian and pagan? In some ways. A communal, millennial force wedded with corporate power ready to go for the prize.

And conservatives? As George Lincoln Rockwell said, ‘a national socialist will defend his race. A conservative will defend his money.’

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