Pics: THE RICH ARE PREPPING: Silicon Valley have become super doomsday preppers by buying remote New Zealand properties, getting eye surgeries, and stockpiling ammo and food


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  • [This is funny. Even the rich are starting to run scared. I love it. Doomsday for the wealthy. We need some DRONES to fly over New Zealand so we can kill any rich traitors who manage to get out of the way!!! YEAH! Jan]
  • Some of the wealthiest of Silicon Valley have developed a penchant for prepping for the apocalypse in recent years.
  • Lasik eye surgery, multimillion-dollar real-estate investments in New Zealand, "go bags" filled with guns and food — they’re going all out in the event of a disaster.
  • There may be something about extravagant doomsday prepping that is unique to Silicon Valley culture.
  • But it also could simply be that investing in preparations for the end of the world is a luxury only for the uber-rich, many of whom have the lucrative tech economy to thank for their wealth.

As the coronavirus disease, known as COVID-19, continues to kill thousands each day, most people’s daily lives have been rerouted to combat the virus.

Most of the US has been under stay-at-home orders to help contain the disease. "Non-essential" businesses have been closed. Toilet paper and hand sanitizer have become scarce as people buy them faster than they can be restocked. Some city scenes have been called apocalyptic as we react to a viral outbreak that has now infected more than 2.6 million people around the world.

But the so-called doomsday prepper community has been preparing for disaster.

And the wealthiest in society, from Silicon Valley to Wall Street and beyond, take it to a whole other level, perhaps simply because they can afford to.

From buying up land in New Zealand to getting Lasik eye surgery, here’s how and why some of the biggest names in tech have invested in doomsday prepping.

Survivalism is a movement whose participants actively prepare for a political, social, or natural global emergency by stockpiling food, weaponry, and other supplies.

reuters us families doomsday preppers 28
A prepper in Warrenton, North Carolina on December 13, 2012. Chris Keane/Reuters

It’s more commonly referred to as "doomsday prepping."

reuters us families doomsday preppers 21
A prepper in Warrenton, North Carolina on December 13, 2012. Chris Keane/Reuters

Source: The New Yorker


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