Pic: WARNING: New York: Hordes of Criminals/Blacks in Queens Center Mall, Glendale & Middle Village about to attack & rob people?


[Perhaps some Jewish bag of shit is trying to cause panic in New York? Jan]

One of my loyal supporters in New York, a lady, sent me this note from the social media with warnings. She wrote:

What do u make of this post? It’s from social media. I’m scared, I don’t have a gun, my niece just sent this to me.

Here’s the image she sent me:

Hi xxxx,
As a rule here in SA, we get thousands of things along these lines. And, without fail, they are all intended to CREATE PANIC.

So if this is the first time you’ve seen this, then chill. How does security work in New York? Here in SA we have private security companies because the cops are totally F*CKING USELESS! If you are reliant on the Police, then why not phone the Police. I suspect phoning 911 is going over the top. I don’t know your system. But try to contact someone, perhaps the Police, and tell them this message is doing the rounds and you are afraid. I suggest you phone and talk to them first. Then tell them you have this by email, and can you send it to them?

Then they can investigate it.

I would recommend phoning them now, and tell them about this.

My guess is that this is 99.99% rubbish. One needs to find who is sending this.

ALSO: DO NOT FORWARD THIS TO ANYONE. Phone the Police or authorities directly.

Here in SA we get so much of this, and much more convincing stuff. I am so bored with it.

That is when they cause PANIC for no reason.

Let me know what they say when you contact someone official.

IGNORE SOCIAL MEDIA WARNINGS. Sadly they are unbelievably unreliable. And beware of things which make you feel scared immediately, as if your life is in danger NOW. Its almost CERTAIN its junk.

You can also phone friends who maybe live in that area and see if anyone has actually HEARD anything going on.

I don’t know what kind of house, etc you live in, but just take normal precautions.

Let me know what happens and what you are told. (We have THOUSANDS of such things doing the rounds here DAILY… and even worse things… And they bore me to death. So chill!)


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