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[I do enjoy seeing what various small white nations are also up to militarily. It is a joy to see the power of our states, even small states. White armies are many times more efficient and powerful than armies in Africa. But whites do not grasp the inherent power of our race. Anyhow, here is Bulgaria choosing a nice weapon. My mouth waters, when I look at these weapons, because even basic military weapons like these would be unbelievably useful here in South Africa if we whites were to make a push for secession. Probably the only part of this vehicle not really useful in South Africa is the amphibious part, since we have few rivers. It's mostly a semi-arid country. We used to have weapons like these. One day, we will definitely need stuff like this. My own view is that secession will result in war. That is a given. And I think, in the decades to come, that secession will be the next game in town. Jan]

Patria’s armoured combat vehicle AMVXP has been selected for the second phase of Bulgarian vehicle acquisition program based on a tender phase.

The final decision on the actual acquisition will be made after field tests and negotiations. Also, General Dynamics has proceeded to the second phase.

‘This is very good news as it is a sign of the high quality of Patria’s vehicles and level of expertise, as well as customers’ confidence in them. If Bulgaria chooses Patria AMVXP as its future combat vehicle, we are ready for technology transfer and vehicle manufacturing in Bulgaria,” says Jussi Järvinen, President of Patria’s Land Business Unit.

Patria AMVXP is a modular, powerful and robust armoured wheeled vehicle representing the top of its class, with a premium level of protection and mobility on terrain and roads. Patria AMVXP is also available with amphibious capability for amphibious and landing operations. The capabilities of the platform allow the integration of any weapon system. With effective and continuous product development and lifecycle support, the fleet is always up to date.

Under the plan, the acquisition is estimated to be worth about 1.5 billion leva, or $840 million. The armored vehicles are to be supplied to three battalions of the Bulgarian land forces.


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