Once Canadians realize how broke they actually are, a REVOLT is likely, government report warns


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An information request filed by Matt Malone has brought to light a secret report from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) warning that once Canadians realize just how broke they are, a massive revolt will ensue.
It may seem like things are still kind of hobbling along financially and economically due to political sleights of hand, but once that illusion fades, things "will probably deteriorate further," according to the RCMP, which warns that all of this is coming to a head "in the next five years."

The RCMP reportedly alerted Canada’s federal government about the strong possibility of civil unrest once Canadians come to realize what has been done to them by the powers that be. It will spell disaster for their families’ lives and livelihoods.

The Whole-of-Government Five-Year Trends for Canada study explains that "the coming period of recession will … accelerate the decline in living standards that the younger generations have already witnessed compared to earlier generations."

In other words, even the elderly in North America will soon experience what their children and grandchildren have been suffering for a while now – that is how bad things will soon get once the economic rubber meets the road.

"For example," the study explains, "many Canadians under 35 are unlikely ever to be able to buy a place to live."

Governments everywhere bracing for societal collapse
Code-named "secret," the RCMP report was only meant to be shared among "decision-makers" at the highest levels of government – meaning never with the public. The information was supposed to be "special operational," the report further explains.

Malone, by the way, is an expert in government secrecy. He also works as an assistant professor of law at Thompson Rivers University in British Columbia.

The version of the secret report Malone received through his information request is heavily redacted, just to be clear. At the same time, it is revealing in and of itself as to the extent the RCMP is preparing for massive civil breakdown in the coming days.

The paper bills itself as a "scanning exercise" that simply aims to identify both Canadian and global trends "that could have a significant effect on the Canadian government and the RCMP."

The report from RCMP also warns about coming unpredictable weather, more seasonal disasters like wildfires and flooding, as well as a serious decline in living conditions for most.

There is also growing concern that Canada is under severe and mounting pressure to relinquish control of its Arctic territory.

Canadians at large are disenfranchised with their government, the report continues. And the Canadian government itself worries that too many people are falling for "misinformation" and "conspiracy theories," which is leading to "paranoia."

"Law enforcement should expect continuing social and political polarization fueled by misinformation campaigns and an increasing mistrust for all democratic institutions," the report further states.

"The past seven years,’ reads another portion of the report called "Erosion of Trust," "have seen marked social and political polarization in the Western world …" The rest of that sentence is censored in the version of the report Malone received.

The report addresses other perceived problems such as "paranoid populism," though that section is also heavily redacted. It does state in Malone’s version, though, that "[p]opulists willing to tailor their messages to appeal to extremist movements have been capitalizing on the rise of political polarization and conspiracy theories."

Source: https://www.newstarget.com/2024-04-08-canada-broke-revolt-likely-government-report-warns.html

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