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In this year of 2024, on the 111th anniversary of the murder of 13-year-old Mary Phagan by Jewish sex killer Leo Frank, we present this classic ADV series on the organization that was founded in large part to protect Frank — who was a B’nai B’rith official — in 1913. This marked a change in Jewish strategy — to actively oppose and ultimately exterminate Whites rather than merely exploit them — which continues to this day, and an understanding of what happened then is vital for every patriot.

by Kevin Alfred Strom

I’VE SAID IT before and I’ll say it again: Our enemies — the organized Jews who are attempting genocide of our race — are not supermen. Their best minds are no better than our best minds. Most of their genius is for deception and speculation and destruction. When it comes to creation, they are distinctly inferior. And they are sick, perverted, out of control, and morally disgusting at rates that leave even the worst meth-addicted White derelicts far behind.

But they are race-conscious — and they are organized. And that is their great strength. When Jews are dealing with someone, how that someone is treated by them very much depends on whether that person is a fellow Jew or not. (Exactly the sort of race-consciousness that they stridently deny us on a fake “moral” basis.) And Jews are organized, organized, organized — no other racial or ethnic group anywhere has as many commissions, leagues, centers, conferences, committees, unions, alliances, lobbies, memorials, legions — you name it and they’ve got it, plus a thousand more you can’t even think of. They’ve even got a “Conference of Presidents” of “Major Jewish Organizations” — a whole organization consisting of just the presidents of the largest Jewish groups; I kid you not.

They’re not supermen, though. They make many mistakes. They never know when to stop. Their lies are often audacious — but also flimsy and easily exposed. Their hyper-aggressions and hyper-hypocrisy are extensively documented and increasingly well known.

Let’s take a look at one of their main organizations — the so-called Anti-Defamation League, or ADL. The ADL is a powerful group in today’s corrupt, alien-dominated society. They have the ears of our lawmakers, who — Republican and Democrat — praise them extensively, and who even let the ADL write laws for them (called “model statutes”) which they then obediently pass.

The Jews at the ADL work together with their fellow Jews and non-Jewish collaborators at Facebook, Twitter, and other social media companies to censor and control what you can read and see and hear and say to others.

The ADL — which has extensive ties to organized crime — even has the audacity to set up “training” programs for our police, who are taught by them the ADL’s version of who is a “bad guy” and deserves police scrutiny and intervention — and you may be sure that the “bad guys” according to the ADL are any “White racists” who think that their race ought to continue to exist and who advocate social policies to make sure it does continue to exist — and anyone who speaks critically about Israel and Jews, or even notices that Israel and Jews have tremendous power in this country. And the especially bad guys are anyone who notices that the ADL was funded by and closely associated with murderous mob boss Moe Dalitz and murderous mob boss Meyer Lansky. If you notice or talk about the fact that there are literal organized crime kingpins and murderers among the ADL’s closest associates and honorees, the ADL makes sure that the not-so-bright policemen who attend their “training courses” will think that you are the “bad guy” and that you are deserving of special scrutiny by the police.

That’s how bad it is. Ask a police chief about the ADL, and most of the time you’ll get the frightening answer that the ADL is a “fine civil rights group” of “upstanding citizens” trying to “fight hate” and “teach tolerance.” He only knows what he has been told, and has zero interest in finding out anything for himself. He especially has zero interest in listening to anything that contradicts the narrative he’s been fed by the wealthy men in whose circles he is allowed some limited movement, whose favor results in promotions and advancement, whose disfavor results in dismissal or imprisonment, and whose soft but insistent words uttered behind the scenes he regards as commands.

Now some of those police chiefs are not stupid men. Unlike their fellows, they don’t actually believe that the ADL is fine and good. They know it’s a gang of criminals and smear artists. But the chiefs’ main concern is advancing their careers. A police chief or other official who knows where the “smart money” is knows that going along with the ADL and other Jewish pressure groups is helpful to his career, and also knows that crossing the ADL bosses puts his career, future income, and retirement pension at risk. So when the nice men come hawking their expensive “training programs,” he hops to. Who cares if innocent people are arrested or roughed up or have their lives ruined? Who cares if real, horrific crimes go unpunished and their perpetrators go free or are never even prosecuted? I’ve got mine, Jack, so back off if you don’t want the Ernst Zündel treatment yourself. The only way to deal with a man like that is for us to get powerful enough to fire him and put him where he belongs — and if weak, potentially corrupt men do sneak into our police departments in the future, we need to be the only power in the land — so there simply won’t be any alien pressure groups around to take advantage of the weak men and careerists among us.

This month, October, is the month that the ADL was first officially announced in 1913. I think it’s good to talk about the ADL and its founding every year at this time — because not only does the story of the ADL alert us to the organized Jewish threat to our survival and the corrupt nature of the System in this country, but it also shows us the true nature and characteristics of the enemy who is trying to kill us and which is the source of much of that corruption — and knowledge is power, and that enemy is far from invincible.

The truth about the ADL shows the weaknesses and vulnerable points of that enemy, and will encourage others to help the National Alliance defeat him. I started to write this program, and my notes alone were enough for five or six programs. The National Alliance, and other patriots and truth-tellers, have amassed so much documented evidence on the ADL that I couldn’t possibly do it justice in one radio show. So I’m going to take the best information we have — including new facts that have come to light — and make this into a series of programs, and I promise you it will be devastating to anyone who thinks that ADL press releases have a close correspondence to reality.

I titled this series Born in Blood. And the ADL was indeed born in blood. The ADL’s founding in 1913 was sparked by the Jews’ rallying to the defense of a fellow Jew that many of them knew was guilty of murder: Leo Max Frank, who in some ways was the Harvey Weinstein of his day, or maybe more like a combination of Jonathan Greenblatt and Harvey Weinstein and Woody Allen.

It is extremely important for every White person to understand the Leo Frank case, because that case triggered not only the founding of the ADL, but the first really effective organization of the entire Jewish community in this country — which, for the first time (at least openly for the first time), systematically rallied Jews in opposition to the White community and the White leadership of the South — and eventually of the entire nation. In trying to free Frank after he was convicted of the sex murder of a little girl, the Jews coordinated a massive “fake news” operation run by Jewish public relations men and media moguls, but enlisting plenty of non-Jewish collaborators, both fools and knowing liars. They created the template that is still used today by fake news operations like CNN to make the public love killers like Netanyahu — and hate Assad or Putin or Dr. Pierce or anyone whom the Jews would like to depose or kill or jail this week.

Leo Max Frank, according to the grand jury which indicted him (which had a disproportionately large number of Jews on it — more on that later), according to the jury which convicted him, and according to every appeals court all the way to the United States Supreme Court, strangled a 13-year-old White girl, Mary Phagan, to death when she refused to submit to his sexual advances in the dirty back room of the Atlanta pencil factory sweatshop where she worked and which Frank partly owned.

Leo Frank supervised over a hundred employees, most of them White girls in or barely out of their teens, who slaved for around seven to 12 cents an hour (at most a pathetic $3 an hour even in today’s money). Quite a number of those girls were, according to their own testimony, subject to pressure from Frank to “put out” sexually for him. Their testimony showed that Leo Frank suggested to the girls that the teens who did “put out” would be rewarded with a few extra dollars — a pittance to Frank, but so much to these mostly dirt-poor “factory girls.”

At least one of the girls said “no,” however: Mary Phagan.

Leo Frank had been observed by other employees of the National Pencil Company getting inappropriately familiar with Mary Phagan, whose work station on his floor he had to pass many times every day for a year (though after the murder he would claim he “didn’t know her by name,” an unbelievable lie that helped convict him). They had seen her cringe as he put his hands on her. Leo Max Frank knew that Mary Phagan needed to come in, alone, on a holiday when hardly anyone was in the factory, to pick up her weekly pay of $1.20. He had refused, just a day or so before, the offer of one of Mary’s friends, Helen Ferguson, to pick up her pay for her as she had done in the past: He wanted Mary to come in when he could be alone with her.

Before Mary was to arrive, Leo Frank talked to the Black factory sweeper, Jim Conley (who, very strangely for a Black man in 1913 Atlanta, and strangely for a “sweeper,” was paid more than many of Frank’s White employees), and arranged for him to be there. He asked Conley to keep watch for him while he “chatted” alone for a while with Mary, something that Conley said Frank had asked him to do several times before with other girls.

Mary arrived, picked up her pay from Frank, and was lured by him to the “metal room” where she worked, supposedly to see if some supplies had arrived. There he attempted to have his way with her. But Mary resisted. She said “No!”

Her reward for saying “no” to her depraved Jewish boss was to be savagely struck down by him. As a result, her head was cut open as it was slammed into a sharp metal lathe. She was stunned by the blow. As 13-year-old Mary Phagan lay on the floor in her own blood, Leo Max Frank decided that she must die.

He obtained some twine, and carefully and methodically wound it around her girlish neck. He pulled tight enough to make her tongue start to protrude. Her breathing stopped, and he tied the knot tight, strangling her to death. Then, strangely, he ripped a piece of her lace underwear and tied it loosely over the twine he used to kill her, as if to conceal the twine and conceal the murder by strangling from anyone who would see — but not thoroughly examine — Mary’s body; perhaps hoping that it would appear to such a casual observer that Mary was just knocked down, or killed accidentally. Such a ruse would never fool a detective, of course — but it might fool Jim Conley long enough to get him to help dispose of the body and perhaps implicate himself in the crime.

It is not known if the trauma to her vagina was caused before or just after her death.

This is the monster who inspired the founding of the ADL. An abusive, perverted, repeat-offender rapist, and sex killer, who sexually preyed on helpless White girls who depended on him for their meager pay and for the very survival of their families. And Leo Max Frank was not just any Jewish businessman. He was the head — the president — of the Atlanta, Georgia branch of the Jewish B’nai B’rith society — and the B’nai B’rith was the parent organization of the ADL, the full name of which for most of its existence was the “Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith.”

We now know, by the way, from a source inside B’nai B’rith who cannot be identified, that Leo Frank was pushing for something like the ADL to be formed while Frank was president of the group’s Atlanta branch, but two months before his indictment for murder. He had been complaining to a fellow B’nai B’rith official that he had seen unflattering portrayals of Jews in the press and in some theatres he had attended, and he wanted something to be done about it. This might partially explain the group’s and the Jewish community’s reckless zeal in advocating for Frank, who might have been seen by Jewish leaders as a pioneer in needed measures to protect Jews from criticism and “hate.”

Before the Jewish media moguls and PR men and sleazy lawyers organized the massive campaign to paint this sex killer as an innocent angel and victim of “anti-Semitism,” numerous Jews were inclined to believe that Leo Frank was guilty. There were four Jews on the 17-member grand jury that indicted Frank for Mary Phagan’s murder. The grand jury was, in fact, disproportionately Jewish — to a huge degree. It was almost one quarter Jewish. Yet that grand jury — including every single one of its Jewish members — voted unanimously to indict Leo Frank for murder.

Yet. a few months later — and just after Leo Frank was convicted of Mary Phagan’s murder — all 500 or so voting members of the Atlanta B’nai B’rith voted unanimously to re-elect Frank as B’nai B’rith president, despite the fact that he was known to be a child sex rapist and strangler of a helpless White girl. The Leo Frank Case Research Library tells us:

In the late summer or early autumn of 1912, Leo Frank was elected president of the Atlanta B’nai B’rith. Even though he was convicted of murder on August 25, 1913, one month later the Atlanta Constitution of September 24th announced that the 500-member Jewish fraternal Atlanta Bnai Brith “Gate City Lodge” number #144, unanimously re-elected Leo Frank their president for a second term. Leo Frank ran the affairs of his B’nai B’rith chapter while behind bars and having been convicted of a sex murder. Less than a month later, in October 1913, Bnai Brith created the infamous Anti-Defamation League. Working behind the scenes, they allied with prominent Jewish Supremacists like New York Times owner and propagandist Adolph Ochs, and Jewish advertising mogul Albert Lasker to launch a national campaign to trick the nation into thinking Leo Frank was innocent. These Jewish propaganda efforts continue even today with the ADL hate crime hoax claiming people were shouting “Hang the Jew!” outside the courtroom at Leo Frank’s trial jury, something that never happened, couldn’t have happened, and which was never mentioned during the trial by either the press or Frank’s own lawyers — and which would have been grounds for an immediate mistrial if it had happened.

Something had changed. The word had gotten out. The “Jewish community” had coalesced. The laws and legal system of the Gentiles, of the White people, were no longer protecting the Jews. The Gentile legal system’s decision had to be opposed — we had to be opposed. Our decisions had to be overturned. Every Jew was in danger, they said. Something had been stirred in the ancient blood of the wandering race, and the rather assimilated Jewish community had been galvanized — and once again knew that they were not one with us and in fact must oppose us . . . even in this, even in the face of a little White girl’s bloody and savaged body.

This was a turning point. And this was the founding of the ADL. This was their birth in blood. In Mary Phagan’s blood. And in our blood, the blood of our people, the blood of hundreds of thousands of savaged girls since then, of dead White children, and children who will never be born.

Be with us next week as we look at the further history of the ADL, right here on American Dissident Voices.


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