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by Douglas Mercer

THE AMAZING THING ABOUT the Jews is that they can post an article on one of their own sites, an article about, say, a Jewish politician who is promoting a new “hate crime” law, and, as long as it remains on their site, the article is perfectly fine — in fact it’s much better than fine, it’s great, because it’s an article about an heroic Jew who is “standing firm against hate,” is protecting all minorities, is taking on the White man’s evil. But if someone takes that article, copies and pastes a quote directly from it, and posts the quote and the article on Gab without any embellishment or commentary, then the article suddenly and mysteriously becomes magically transformed. What was once solid journalism about “the rise of hate in America” is now a vicious screed of horror, and law enforcement must be called — the Jews are sure that if they don’t, somewhere the trains are about to roll into the camps once again. What was once unbiased information now becomes a “threat.” It’s the same article, mind you, but good has become evil just like that. Context, apparently, is everything.

There is of course no principle involved here, and that’s the thing about the Jews.

Even as our memorials come down, another new one of theirs is going up, this time in Pittsburgh. A “massive memorial-museum complex” at the Tree of Life synagogue is in the works. The Tree of Life (in case you don’t read Jewish-specific media regularly and it inadvertently slipped your mind) was where some Jews were killed a while back. If the Jews get any more memorials to their grief, the startling thing will be a street where there isn’t one. As always in such cases, the Jewish Chronicle (serving Jews worldwide since Trotsky was in short pants) was on the case right away. The Chronicle and their Web site are laser-focused on Jewish whining; they are on the Jewish beat, the “anti-Semitism” beat, the Jew grief beat — and if someone in Outer Mongolia was ever to say “boo” about a Jew the Jewish Chronicle will be there with seventy-two golden bells on and will let their Jewish readers know that the trains are about to begin rolling. Actually, all of Jewdom functions as a massive media, museum, and memorial for the self-designated “chosen” tribe.

The Chronicle is also on the Gab beat. Just as all Jewish media like to ominously and portentously refer to Germany in the 1930s, the Jewish Chronicle will include in every article mentioning Gab a reference to “what happened at the Tree of Life” and formulaically mention that “the killer had a account there.”

It’s like a tic.

A tic you can’t get rid of.

As always in such cases, this is a ritual rending of their garments in their makeshift Temple, they’ve been doing it since Allen Ginsburg was eying kids in short pants. But really, given all the anti-White hate (in which Jews themselves are past and present masters) and anti-White crime and murders, they really don’t want to get into a tally about body counts. Waukesha horrified people, but how many White people knew it was specifically an attack on them, as White people? How many knew that they had been targeted? No, it was just chalked up to “random violence” and there certainly was no “national conversation” that came about around the issue of “hate.” Certainly no White politicians flew into a rage about the rise of hate against White people. No, the Jews don’t want to get in to a debate over who is really being targeted or about body counts; because if they are sentient they know that though there have been some high-profile cases of Jews being victims, Whites are targeted much more; and the daily grind of Black-on-White murder (much of it much more specifically anti-White than we even know) leaves them in the dust — if we can use that pun.

And the omnipresent, vitriolic anti-White rhetoric — so often uttered by Jews themselves — leaves “anti-Semitism” a distant second, or third, or twenty-third, as well. Here’s how I know. If you say anything “anti-Semitic” you have no chance at all to be in public life unless you grovel with your face ground in the dirt, and it won’t hurt if you suddenly discover a rabbi in your family tree. But should you say something anti-White it helps you climb up the greasy pole of success in the globalist managerial elite.

Does anyone really care to dispute this?

The Jewess Susan Sontag said the White race is the “cancer of human history” — and she is lionized as a great and deep thinker. William Pierce brought anti-Jewish ideology to its perfection — and the great man is the regime’s bogeyman, even twenty years after his death.

Case closed.

But should more evidence need to be adduced, consider this:

In the movie The Invitation, a Mulatto’s mother dies and she takes a DNA test — turns out she has a cousin who is an English aristocrat who lives in the English countryside. When her Black friend sees a picture of the cousin, she says “that’s the Whitest man I’ve ever seen.” The Mulatto goes to the cousin’s mansion, and everyone there is White (uber-White really, in a simplistic caricature of aristocratic Whiteness). And, as the script proceeds, we discover that these White people are all ghouls and vampires who proceed to slit throats and drink blood. (“It’s so Jane Austen,” says the Mulatto.)

You get their point.

Today, White people can be depicted this way in the media — as evil blood drinkers, preying on the mixed-race — and people either nod their heads gravely or stare placidly at the screen and reach for another big handful of Doritos. Turn it around, of course, make it Jews — would the friend ever have said “that’s the most Jewish man I’ve ever seen”? Of course not. Would scriptwriters today ever depict a family of Jews in a chateau in the French countryside — all possessing obvious Jewish attributes and exhibiting Jewish manners, and Jewish everything — who were ghouls and drank the blood of innocent Whites? That something like that could be filmed today beggars belief.

Yet to slander White people that way is simply a matter of course.

It’s good from time to time to ask yourself exactly why this is. The answer will tell you everything you need to know.

Then there was the video put out by Jews in which they sing “If I were a goy.” The video shows a “lame” White man straight out of “Stuff White People Like.” He is shown at the country club with two pretentious White “society” females, and the Jews are on the outside singing “If were a goy.” Jews come on the screen and invoke images and words meant to signify Whiteness: Aspen, trickle-down economics, Christmas cards that look like a Brooks Brothers ad, argyle socks, eating smoked salmon on silver platters but never thinking to call it lox, please pass the mayonnaise, Bermuda, skiing, boat insurance, and on and on.

For the most part this kind of thing passes without notice; you see, Jews are “victims” — so they can do that kind of thing. If the tables are turned, get ready for that knock on the door.

Safe to say, no massive museum-memorial is in the works for those White grannies in Waukesha.

Lately some comments were made on a Gab post and, as if they were Carl Bernstein’s crotchety old ghost, Jewish Chronicle “reporters” swarmed all over it like a flying band of ravening locusts. Words were deemed “threats” — their favorite word. Soon they were collaborating with law enforcement. Of course this is just Jewish sleight of hand; when you sit down at the table, watch the hands of the card shark closely. Because, really, if you can speak some legally protected words and they can get the authorities on you, who really has the power? “Victims” indeed.

Back in the days when they were terminating the Old America, some unwashed “radicals” stormed Berkeley in the name of free speech; that was back when Jews still deemed themselves to be outsiders and they wanted to be able to say anything without restriction as they “deconstructed” and destroyed our nation and stripped us of our (former) power. Now that they have the power, not so much.

No truth, please — we’re Jews.

Though tattered and torn, the one real remaining legacy of the American founding is free speech. The edges have been lit on fire, and the fire is creeping over it all, but here in this once-great White land you can still speak with at least a modicum of latitude — for now.

In Germany they lock up 100-year-old women for denying the Holocaust myth. We’re not there — yet.

Brandenburg v. Ohio (1969) is a famous Supreme Court case which states that you can say anything you want, provided what you say is not going to incite or produce imminent lawless action. The standard is whether what you say is “likely” to produce such action, “likely” being the operative word.

Likely means more often than not. Likely means chances are it will.

Almost universally, chances are it won’t.

This is a diametrically opposite standard than the one Jews employ — which is if you step the slightest bit out of line on Jew-love and Jew-worship, if you merely suggest that the Jews might not be the best and holiest and most ethical people ever to wander planet Earth, they’d have you in shackles faster than old Shlomo dives for that nickel on the floor.

According to Brandenburg, I have wide latitude to say that Jews are a hostile and aggressive clique dedicated to an international criminal conspiracy, with designs to subvert the White race and usher in our race’s extinction.

Chance are no imminent lawless action will issue from that statement.

The Jewess Elena Kagan, who sits on “our” Supreme Court, has a new theory. She wants to institute new laws on speech, laws under which your speech, if it “creates a climate of hate,” would be forbidden. The term “climate of hate” is resistant to definition. It’s nebulous, just like the Jews like it. Really, they just want a fig leaf of a pretext, so when the authorities beat down your door and haul you away to the gulag, they can scream “democracy” and “rule of law.”

A “climate of hate” is anything they say it is. That’s a Jewish wind that blows no White man any good.

When it comes to the Jews’ desire to exterminate the White race, there is no limiting principle. Indeed there is no principle at all. The Jews don’t believe in principles — they believe in White genocide. And don’t you dare say that their generations-long effort to kill us has created a “climate of hate”!

Dan Frankel is a Pennsylvania State Representative representing the area where the Tree of Life synagogue is. Unsurprisingly he is a big booster of “hate crime” legislation. He lists “he/him” as his pronouns — so obviously he is a weenie of enormous proportions.

One look at him will tell you as much.

Frankel, who is Jewish, represents a district that includes Squirrel Hill, the Pittsburgh neighborhood where a gunman murdered 11 congregants at the Tree of Life synagogue building in 2018. His hate crime bills were originally introduced in 2019, but his efforts to expand and strengthen hate crime law began much earlier.

The cutting edge of “hate speech” legislation is so-called “ethnic intimidation.” It’s a catch-all term and can mean exactly what they want it to mean, exactly when they want it to mean it: In short, it’s any speech which they deem scary or frightening. It might seem odd that these malignant and murderous criminals of colossal proportions would really be “frightened” of words, but then, really, it’s just a ruse and a pose. They don’t see themselves as victims — far from it they see themselves as victors — but it’s very important to them that the world see them as the aggrieved ones. And so, any attention drawn to the Jews’ insidious subversion; any notice of their perverse promotion of perversion; any writing or speech about their dominant role in American institutions; any focus on their long-term goal of destroying White civilization and replacing it with one more to their liking, one more pliable and malleable, one more conditioned to slavery; anything of that nature — any telling of the truth as it is — will be deemed “ethnic intimidation.” In short, they want no one pointing out their crimes. They want to wage a war by forbidding the other side to wage war; which is no war at all, but a capitulation. They want to leave us literally speechless and literally defenseless, that’s why they focus so obsessively on “hate,” such hate being the life’s blood of a people who are about rise up and overthrow them.

To anyone who has not done the long and hard work of perfecting ideology, who has not analyzed the long rise of the Jews in America, what we say must seem either outlandish or perverse. It is neither. The outraged reaction of some to what we say only goes to show that many people can bear very little reality. For reality is as we describe it.

Which is why they will go to any length, bend any law, tell any lie, corrupt any officer, and commit any crime in order to stop us, stop us from ceaselessly trashing out the detritus of the public’s delusions and finally creating a space for truth. And in their manic zeal, they will expose themselves for what they really are.


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